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Guangzhou JFE Steel Plate's Operating Performance Best in History Last Year [ 2019-01-22 ]

Last year, Guangzhou JFE Steel Plate worked hard to overcome difficulties under the guiding ideology of "practicing hard internal skills, gaining benefits from management, quality, cost and service, and enhancing comprehensive competitiveness". Since February, the company has turned its losses into profits, exceeded the profit targets set by the board of directors and achieved the best operating performance in history.


In terms of customer satisfaction, Guangzhou JFE Steel Plate takes users as the center, pays attention to after-sales service, closely links user site with company production site, establishes customer information notification system, and continuously improves customer satisfaction. In 2018, the amount of compensation for automobile sheet, the amount of refund for automobile sheet and the amount of loss per ton of galvanized automobile sheet steel have been reduced in varying degrees over the same period of last year. In the annual user evaluation, the company's quality and service rank first.


Guided by the management concept of "caring, emphasizing feelings", Guangzhou JFE Steel Plate pays attention to the promotion of employees’ salary and the protection of welfare. In 2018, employees' salaries and benefits have been improved to a certain extent, 17 practical projects have been completed, which greatly improves the working and rest environment of employees; more than 6,000 people have been trained internally and 2,600 people have been trained externally to promote the upgrading of staff skills. During the year, 1507 potential safety hazards were rectified, with a rectification rate of 99.8%, the company's security situation is stable and controllable, creating a safe working environment for employees. Last year, Guangzhou JFE Steel Plate implemented standardized management, institutionalized and systematic information construction, attached importance to risk prevention and control, tapped potential to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and focused on improving operational efficiency, the total annual profit reached the best level in history, and the net assets yield increased steadily. Guangzhou JFE Steel Plate pays attention to personnel training and technology accumulation, establishes technology center, develops technology research and development, and actively innovates and innovates to upgrade core technology. Implement consistent quality management, pursue first-class quality, service in place, user evaluation index ranks first among peers, respected by peers.


While vigorously promoting the continuous improvement of production and operation, Guangzhou JFE Steel Plate has actively fulfilled its commitment, fulfilled its social responsibility, issued the "three-year action plan for environmental improvement" and implemented green manufacturing. At the same time, with the improvement of business performance, the company's social status and corporate image are also constantly improving.


In strengthening Party building in enterprises, the Party Committee of Guangzhou JFE Steel Plate has been exploring and innovating ways and means of Party building around the key points of production and operation, with the Party building "115" working ideas (i.e “1” all focusing on production centers; "1" all focusing on branches; "5" institutionalization, standardization, informatization, specialization and long-term effectiveness of Party building work) as the starting point to promote production and operation and improvement, greatly promoted the company's work to a higher level. The Party Committee of the company has made clear that the Party building work focuses on the production center, focusing on improving the level of grass-roots Party building work, improving the Party spirit of Party members, deepening the play of the role of "leading and driving" of Party members, and transforming the political advantages of Party organizations into the core competitiveness of the company's development. 

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