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Baosteel won the first best listed company of New Wealth [ 2019-01-22 ]

Recently, New Wealth and Guanghua-Rotman Research Center of Peking University released the results of the first "Best Listed Companies of New Wealth", which ranked Baosteel on the stock list.


The "New Wealth Best Listed Companies" selection was jointly launched by New Wealth and Guanghua-Rotman Information and Capital Market Research Center of Peking University. This paper evaluates the reputation of A-share listed companies and the quality of information disclosure comprehensively, searches for the most reliable companies recognized by analysts, institutional investors and secretaries, and helps A-share listed companies enhance transparency, show a new face to international capital, enhance the trust of international capital in Chinese companies and industries, and enhance Chinese enterprises competitiveness in the international capital market.


The TOP50 company listed in this year's selection is basically a relatively mature large-scale enterprise in the economically developed areas. After years of intensive cultivation in the industrial field, it has a good operating condition and strong profitability, bringing good returns to investors with sustained growth. Listed companies have generally withstood all kinds of turbulence in the long experience of capital market, accumulated valuable reputation, regarded integrity as an important asset of enterprises, pursued good corporate governance, and paid attention to the standardization of information disclosure.


Baosteel has long been committed to completing information disclosure strictly according to the requirements, not only as an external requirement for information disclosure, but also as a protection for the company itself and employees, internalized into their own needs. Faced with the ups and downs of the market, Baosteel adhere to the principle of "telling investors the true story", insisting on "reporting both good and bad" in information disclosure, putting investors'interests first, revealing risks comprehensively in communication, and avoiding unnecessary losses caused by market speculation or speculation.

Source:Baowu News Centre