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Baosteel Won the Green Prize for Sustainable Development in“Finance and Economics” China Baowu inked strategic cooperation framework agreement with China National Nuclear Corporation and Tsinghua University [ 2019-01-18 ]

In the afternoon of January 15, China Baowu inked “Nuclear power-hydrogen production-metallurgical coupling technology strategic cooperation framework agreement” with China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) and Tsinghua University. The three parties will establish alliance between giants to share resources and jointly build the world leading nuclear metallurgical industrial alliance. Party secretary and chairman of China Baowu Chen Derong, vice president Zhang Jingang; Party secretary and chairman of CNNC Yu Jianfeng; Vice President of tsinghua university You Zheng, etc. attended the signing ceremony.  


In October last year, China Baowu, CNNC and Tsinghua University initiated the joint research on how the nuclear power technology and metallurgical manufacturing technology can cooperate with each other and the feasibility study of innovation technology chain and industry chain, soon after the joint work team is established to formulate the cooperation solution, define work content, and complete the cooperation prospect analysis report. According to the strategic cooperation framework agreement, China Baowu, CNNC and Tsinghua University will set up strategic cooperation work liaison meeting system, and carry out profound cooperation with the mode of “production, university, research”, to jointly build the world leading nuclear metallurgical industrial alliance, give full play to the advantages of nuclear power, expand application field, and drive the development of related industries such as nuclear equipment manufacturing, material R&D, etc.; in combination with the development need of China Baowu steel industry, to couple the nuclear energy technology with steel smelting and coal chemical process, to realize the ultra-low emission of CO2, and play an exemplary role for the industry. In recent periods, the cooperative parties will increase the inputs into R&D, speed up the research and incubation of key technologies, and strive for the energetic support from the country and governmental departments.


In the exchange, Chen Derong said, the profound coupling with metallurgical technology according to the characteristics of nuclear power and nuclear power hydrogen production is a groundbreaking major technology cross innovation, if the exploration succeeds, it will lead the new trend of the development of world nuclear energy and metallurgical industry. According to the five development concepts of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing" raised  by President Xi Jinping, the steel enterprises must break through the environmental protection  restriction and implement green development to realize high quality development. How to realize the clean and green development of steel industry, nuclear power may be a good choice. To form key technologies through R&D, realize the scale application of continuous hydrogen manufacturing with nuclear energy and hydrogen metallurgy, and remarkably reduce the cost, are very effective solution to break through the obstacle of fossil energy and realize clean production. He wished that the R&D team from three parties can sincerely cooperate in future to realize resources sharing and seamless joint, so as to jointly drive revolutionary breakthrough in nuclear metallurgical process technologies, and jointly fulfill Xi Jinping’s idea of ecological civilization.


Hydrogen energy is regarded as the most promising clean energy in 21st century, the development direction of mankind’s strategic energy, and plays an important role in global energy structural reform in future. Hydrogen manufacturing with nuclear energy combines nuclear reactor with advanced hydrogen manufacturing process for large-scaled production of hydrogen, which can be used in metallurgical and coal chemical industry. It is an economic and effective measure to replace the large amount consumption of conventional fossil energy and alleviate the wold energy crisis. To develop the R&D of hydrogen manufacturing by ultra-high temperature gas-cooled reactor with the world leading Generation IV High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor nuclear power technology as the basis, and couple steel smelting with coal chemical process, rely on the business development need of China Baowu to realize ultra-low emission of CO2 and green manufacturing of steel industry, will be an epoch-making technical revolution and industry innovation. 

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