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Baosteel Won the Green Prize for Sustainable Development in“Finance and Economics” [ 2019-01-18 ]

At the financial summit on sustainable development of “Finance and Economics”and the 3rd evergreen award ceremony on Jan. 9, Baosteel won the evergreen award——the green award for sustainable development.


The list of the evergreen awards is sponsored by “Finance and Economics” magazine and supported by the social value investment alliance. With a rigorous evaluation system and methods, it examines and evaluates the comprehensive economic, social and environmental contributions of institutions and enterprises in the past year. Among them, the green award for sustainable development aims to reward enterprises for their outstanding contributions to the sustainable development of the environment.


Over the past year, Baosteel has made the construction of a "city steel mill" with integrated production and city and ecological harmony as the core goal of sustainable development of enterprises. Implementing the project of closing and revamping raw material yard to achieve a 30% reduction in regional dust fall and a 25% reduction in the area occupied. With the goal of exhausting receivables, we will vigorously promote waste heat recovery technology and project utilization, and gradually form the capacity to supply 500,000 tons of hot water annually to surrounding communities. The project of metallurgical furnace and kiln treating urban waste paint barrel has realized the recycling and utilization of environmental friendly waste metal resources and solved the disposal and utilization of one third of the waste copper in Shanghai.


In the future, Baosteel will, as always, deeply implement the concept of "innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing" and continue to strive on the road of sustainable development of enterprises.

Source:Baowu News Centre