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Hot Rolling Mill 2050 of Baosteel-- “Golden Production Line” shows its full traits [ 2019-01-18 ]

Last December, the Hot Rolling Mill 2050 of Baosteel in Baoshan, which is known as “Golden Production Line” of Baosteel, has achieved a monthly output of 540,000T with pushing of lean operation and difference identification by benchmarking under condition of labor efficiency increasing by 9%.  This has refreshed its monthly record in 10 years and created a best daily record and shift record in history at the same time.  It has well supported Baosteel’s requirement for decrease of stock and account receivable and assured Baosteel’s benefit development.


The Hot Rolling Mill 2050 takes up 50% of hot rolling capacity for Baoshan Base.  It is a core line of Baosteel for producing high grade steel such as automobile outer panels, cold rolled ultra high strength steel and hot rolled ultra high strength steel. This line was put into production in 1989 with a designed annual capacity of 4 million tons.  With constant improvement in capacity and efficiency, it has reached an production capacity of 6 million tons now.


In 2018, the lean operation in Hot Rolling Mill of Baoshan Base was deepened and Hot Rolling Mill constantly pushed forward to improve rolling efficiency.  While improving the awareness of rolling rhythm for basic unit managers and staffs, the Hot Rolling Mill 2050 kept on with technical research, clarifying bottleneck in the rolling rhythm of working process and improving rolling capacity through line tracking optimization and rough rolling process optimization.  The ability of rolling rhythm control was gradually enhanced.  Meanwhile, the Mill aimed at efficiency improvement of daily operation and decreased planned and unplanned downtime.  The optimization of roll changing time and cycle led to constantly decreased planned downtime.   Working roll changing was shortened by 2 minutes for each time and monthly 8 hours were saved for planned downtime.  Backup roll cycle was greatly optimized and a million tons can be reached for each cycle, which is the leading level in the world.


At the same time, the Hot Rolling Mill 2050 competed actively with Zhanjiang Hot Rolling Mill in benchmarking and analyzed their differences.  Obvious improvement was achieved especially on item of rolling intervals, which was shortened by 8 seconds in comparison with the year’s begin of 2018 and reached the world’s first class.


In 2018, both labor efficiency and production output were improved, but the product quality of the Hot Rolling Mill 2050 maintained a high level.  Serious surface defect rate of automobile outer panel kept decreasing; Annual substandard product decreased by 6% compared with 2017; Qualified product reached a historical height.  At the same time, the cost kept on being optimized.  Rolling cost has decreased by 9 Yuan/ton compared with 2017 and some key indexes of cost such as energy consumption are greatly improved.

Source:Baowu News Centre