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Baowu has won many awards in Shanghai Excellent Invention Selection Competition [ 2019-01-16 ]

A few days ago, good news came from the 30th anniversary of Shanghai Excellent Invention Selection Competition and the Workers'Innovation Recognition Meeting. Baowu Workers won 130 awards in the Selection Competition. Among them, 73 awards for Excellent Invention, including 5 gold awards, 24 silver awards and 44 bronze awards, accounted for 13.1% of the total awards; 57 awards for Workers' Technical Innovation, including 3 gold awards, 19 silver awards, 16 bronze awards and 19 short-listed awards. It accounted for 33.5% of the total awards. At the same time, four innovative workshops in Baowu, were named Shanghai Workers'Innovation Studio in 2018. One innovative workroom was awarded the eighth batch of "Shanghai Model Labor Innovation Studio".


The Shanghai Excellent Invention Selection Competition, jointly sponsored by the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions, Intellectual Property Bureau, League Committee, Municipal Science Association and Shanghai Invention Association, is held once a year. Up to now, it has held 30 sessions. It has played an important role in encouraging workers and adolescents to carry out mass inventive and creative activities, stimulating workers'innovative vitality, promoting scientific and technological progress and promoting economic and social development.


The 30th Shanghai Excellent Inventions Selection Competition was judged by experts of the judges, and 68 Gold, 221 Silver and 268 bronze Awards for Excellent Inventions were selected from 1426 entries; 23 Employees'Technical Innovation Awards, 36 Silver Awards, 52 bronze Awards and 59 Short-listed Awards were awarded. In this selection contest, the front-line workers of grass-roots units are enthusiastically participating in the contest. The entries cover many industries, and there are many patents for the entries. The technical quality of the entries has been greatly improved.


Wang Jun's "Research and Development and Application of Intelligent Equipment for Hot Rolling Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Plunger Laminar Uniform Cooling", "Strip Defect Detection Technology Based on Visual Imaging Principle" by Wang Kangjian from Baosteel, "Safe Braking and Automatic Monitoring Technology of Continuous Casting Ingot Rod" by Jin Guoping from Baosteel Steel Tube, Bar Business Department, "Development and Application of Integrated Control System for Coplate Difference in Cold and Hot Rolling Process Linkage" by Zeng Jianfeng from Silicon Steel Department of Baosteel, "super high strength and toughness casing for the three supersonic oil and gas wells" by Dong Xiaoming from Baosteel, won the Gold Prize for Excellent Inventions in the 30th Shanghai Excellent Inventions Selection Competition. Qian Jie's "upsetting method for forging large ingot of special steel" from Baosteel Special Steel Department, Li Huaming's "a method for gradient arrangement of cooling nozzles to control roll thermal crown" of Baosteel, Zhou Candong's "research and development of 21-4NWNb high alloy gas valve steel products" of Central Research Institute of Baosteel, won the golden prize for technical innovation of employees in the 30th Shanghai Excellent Invention Selection Competition.


In addition, in order to agglomerate first-line skilled personnel, form innovative joint forces, and further stimulate the innovative talents and creativity of high-skilled personnel, Shanghai Workers'Technical Association named 150 innovative studios for Shanghai workers (technicians, scarves) in 2018. Song Jun Rolling Steel Technology Innovation Studio, Meishan Iron and Steel Workers Innovation Studio, Ji Yilong Innovation Studio, Baowu Carbon Xuxinhua Innovation Studio were named Shanghai Workers (Technicians, scarves) Innovation Studio in 2018; Baosteel Engineering Jizhiyong Motor Maintenance Innovation Studio was awarded the eighth batch of "Shanghai Model Innovation Studio".

Source:Baowu News Centre