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Wharf Engineering of No.3 Blast Furnace System for Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Officially Started [ 2019-01-16 ]

On January 8, Zhanjiang Iron and Steel No. 3 blast furnace system wharf engineering was officially started, and the "first shot" of the construction of No. 3 blast furnace system project was successfully launched. Two productive berths are proposed: one 10,000-ton grocery berth and one 5,000-ton all-weather berth. A chain bucket ship unloader and a belt conveyor are added to the main raw material terminal. After the construction of the project, the unloading capacity of ore will be increased by 5.4 million tons, the unloading capacity of coal will be increased by 4.75 million tons and the loading capacity of finished products will be increased by 2.35 million tons. The new grocery berth is scheduled to be completed and put into operation by the end of August this year. The total length of berth shoreline formed with the existing finished product wharf is 458 meters, which can satisfy the simultaneous berthing operation of two 10,000-ton ships or three 5,000-ton ships. The berth will be used for material and equipment handling during the construction period of the three blast furnaces system project in the initial stage to ensure the rapid and smooth progress of the project construction.


After the completion of No.3 furnace system wharf engineering, the logistics efficiency of raw materials and finished products will be greatly improved, and more benefits will be created for the production and operation of Zhanjiang Iron and Steel.

Source:Baowu News Centre