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Baosteel International Southern Co., Ltd., annual steel sales exceeded 10 million tons for the first time [ 2019-01-01 ]

Recently, good news came from Baosteel International Southern Co., Ltd. in which steel sales exceeded 10 million tons for the first time in 2018. This is a gratifying achievement made by the Southern Company in actively implementing the Group and Baosteel's deepening management reform, enhancing marketing service capabilities, effectively supporting Dongshan Base's capacity improvement and market expansion, and giving full play to multi-base coordination and product optimization layout.


Over the past 23 years, the Southern Company, which is in the front line of sales in South China, has been growing steadily. It has seized the opportunity for Dongshan Base of Baosteel to put into operation and integrated development of Baowu in China. Within three years, the sales scale has made a great leap from 5 million tons to 10 million tons annually.


In 2014, under the unified planning of Baosteel International and Baosteel Marketing Center, Southern Company launched three major thematic projects, namely, the combing of Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Simulated Operation Plan, the construction of logistics base supporting capacity and human resources development planning, and launched the Southern Regional Human Resources Development Plan and the "New seedling program" project-based personnel training. In 2015, the Southern Company set up the Heavy Plate Engineering Department to promote the construction of "6+6+3" platform system. At the same time, it planned the "Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Products Sales Practical White Paper", set up a large customer service team, planned and launched the "New Market Research and Development" action plan, sorted out and investigated the new market demand.


With the production line of Dongshan Base putting into operation one after another, the Southern Company closely followed the production line of Dongshan Base putting into operation, and made good market planning and reserve in advance. In 2016, the Southern Company proposed to win the "three battles" of Zhanjiang iron and steel products sales, and launched the "1+2+2" (Southern Company as the core, two regional synergies, two major types of synergies) heavy plate marketing service platform construction, promote the "echelon combination marketing" of household appliances cold products, and formulate "special brand" for enterprises and industries of household appliances hot-dip galvanizing products, with good differentiated marketing effect launched the car echelon combination marketing, Liuzhou Automobile as the first echelon to achieve batch switching. In 2017, Southern Company put forward "Dongshan franchise" service, and entered the marketing stage of Zhanjiang Iron and Steel 2.0. The key breakthroughs of Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Heavy Plate marketing have been successful. The construction of "1+2" platform of Southern Regional Technical Service Center has been successfully completed, and the logistics bases of Zhanjiang and Liuzhou have been put into operation smoothly.


Since last year, through organizational reform and marketing strategy adjustment, Southern Company has been close to the first-line demand of South China market. It has listed automobile and household appliances boards as two key construction and promotion marketing boards. The sales volume is close to 3 million tons, and the sales proportion of cold products is over 62%. At the same time, the sales volume of Zhanjiang iron and steel products keeps increasing. From the initial simulation operation to the actual sales, win the "three battles" and Dongshan monopoly, and then to Dongshan base customer management, Dongshan base localized sales ratio is more than 60%. Among them, Zhanjiang iron and steel thick plate products have made breakthroughs and entered a million-ton platform, which is the symbol of Dongshan "base company" in Southern China. This can not be separated from the deepening of business philosophy and management innovation. Last year, the "two funds" management and full-scale ratio of Southern Company were optimized. The inventory of hot rolling, heavy plate and long steel products basically realized fast-in and fast-out, close to zero inventory level; Dongshan Base heavy plate "fast and accurate delivery" marketing new mode started operation, and "driverless" service innovation exploration and practice continued to advance; In the fourth quarter of last year, the average monthly sales volume of Southern Company was close to 880,000 tons, with a maximum of more than 900,000 tons, a record high.

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