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Awards of the first Top Ten Outstanding Youths of Baowu China [ 2018-12-25 ]

Youth in flourishing times for struggle. Recently the first Top Ten Outstanding Youths of Baowu China have been announced and Mr. ZHANG Hualei and other young talents have won for their outstanding performance and excellent comprehensive capabilities. Mr. WU Bin - deputy secretary of Communist Youth League Shanghai Committee, Mr. FU Zhongzhe - deputy secretary of Party Committee of Baowu, Mr. ZHANG Keqin - secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection, Mr. FU Lianchun - Chairman of the Labor Union and some responsible persons from different departments and units have witnessed this exciting moment.


In order to implement the spirit of the Group’s efforts to further strengthen the discovery, training and selection of outstanding young leaders and the construction of leading team, the Group has organized from October this year competitive activities for the first Top Ten Outstanding Youths of Baowu China, Top Ten Youth Pioneers and Youth Model Post 2018 according to “China Baowu Youth Honor Awards and Incentives”. People under the age of 40 in the Group were selected and recommended for such honors.


After two months of selection and expert evaluation, 20 representative candidates from different industrial sectors and areas within the Group entered the final for Top Ten Outstanding Youths of Baowu China. Meanwhile, the first Top Ten Youth Pioneers and Youth Model Post 2018 were also released.


The evaluation of this Top Ten Outstanding Youth consists 4 parts: expert evaluation, public vote, interactive observation and live evaluation. In live evaluation, through video interviews, personal speeches, collective presentations, expert observation and candidates interactions etc., 20 candidates displayed in all aspects and angles their positive image with lofty aspiration, pursuit for excellence and fusion of personal struggle into enterprise’s reform and transformation development, showing a new look for characteristics and traits of Baowu youth. Among them are innovative people from the front line, practical pioneers for intelligent manufacturing and explorers for new materials and new fields, who are making their efforts for high-quality development of steel industry ecosphere of Baowu China.


Finally through comprehensive evaluation, Mr. ZHANG Hualei and other young people were honored for the first Top Ten Outstanding Youths of Baowu China. Mr. FU Zhongzhe and Mr. WU Bin presented the awards for them. In the live evaluation meeting, Baowu Youth Pioneer Post 2018, Baowu Youth Pioneer Model Post 2018 and the first Top Ten Youth Pioneers were also awarded to working units and individuals.


On behalf of the Group Party Committee, Mr. FU Zhongzhe expressed his congratulations to the awarded young individuals and working units, hoping that they will remain true to their original aspiration and make further achievements based on their posts and and play an active model and demonstration role. He pointed out that youth of Baowu China had the capability and potential to take up severe responsibility to some extent after post experiences. All units should plan

carefully and push the training and using of excellent youth for work. He encouraged the youth to catch opportunities with the development of times, pursuing more gorgeous and noble goals to become a youth of sincerity and dedication. The young people should strengthen self-learning, promote working capabilities and consciousness, achieve individual value and let dream blossom and bear fruits.

Source:Baowu News Centre