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[ 2018-10-31 ]

On the afternoon of October 26th, signing ceremony for strategic cooperation framework agreement between China Baowu and Baidu was held in Baidu building in Beijing. In the future, both sides will give full play to their respective advantages and cooperate to expand the application of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and Internet of things (ABC+IoT) technology in the whole steel industry chain scenes, to facilitate the construction of an intelligent steel ecosystem. Chen Derong, secretary of Party Committee and chairman of China Baowu, Dai Zhihao, standing committee member of China Baowu and secretary of Party Committee and chairman of Baosteel; Li Yanhong,founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu attended the signing ceremony. Hou An’gui, assistant general manager of China Baowu, and Yin Shiming, vice-president of Baidu, signed on behalf of both parties.

In order to implement the national intelligent manufacturing strategy and promote the in-depth integration of new technologies such as ABC+IoT with the steel industry, China Baowu conducted preliminary exchanges with Baidu. Both sides have strong complementary advantages in their respective fields of expertise, technical capacity and industry influence, etc. The strategic cooperation framework agreement was reached through friendly consultation between the two parties.

According to the agreement, the two sides will merge the professional technology, large-scale scene and industry chain integration capability of China Baowu in the field of iron and steel industry with ABC + IoT technology, socialized platform operation ability of Baidu, and conduct a number of projects cooperation by surrounding the steel and iron manufacturing and industrial services, supply chain and ecosystem, urban services, innovation and entrepreneurship, to promote the mutual integration of the ecosystem through technical innovation for industrial improvement and practical business model innovation, so as to realize the high quality development.

After the signing ceremony, the guests also visited Baidu building and experienced Baidu driverless cars.

Leaders of Strategic Planning Department of China Baowu, Baosteel Engineering, Baosight Software, Baoland Assets, Ouyeel Cloud Commerce and other departments and subsidiaries attended the signing ceremony.

China Baowu Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Baowu) was established on December 1st, 2016 by the joint reorganization of former Baosteel Group Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. Crude steel production capacity of China Baowu ranks first in China and second in the world, and is a pilot enterprise of state-owned capital investment company.

China Baowu has the vision of "becoming a leader of the global steel industry and world-class enterprise group", takes the mission to "drive green and intelligent transformation and development of the iron and steel ecosystem”, with "integrity, coordination, innovation and sharing" as the core values, through the reform and development, strives to build leading advantages in iron and steel production, green development, intelligent manufacturing, service transformation and excellent benefit, etc., so as to create a pattern on the basis of green, competitive and intelligent iron and steel industry, with the coordinated development of related industries, including new materials, modern trade logistics, industrial services, urban services and industrial finance, etc.

Founded on January 1st, 2000, Baidu is a high-tech company with the mission of "making the complex world simpler with technology", with the technology as its faith and technological innovation as its foundation. Baidu has tens of thousands of R&D engineers, making it the best technology team in China and the world.

Baidu believes that the development of the Internet is ushering in the third act - artificial intelligence, which is also an important technical strategic direction for Baidu. Baidu is transforming into an artificial intelligence company. It has already possessed world leading technologies in natural language understanding, image recognition, semantic recognition, speech recognition, unmanned driving and so on, and undertook the task of national artificial intelligence frontier exploration. With ABC+IoT as a combination of intelligent cloud strategy, various capabilities of Baidu will be energized to the leading enterprises in various industries to realize intelligent transformation.

Source:Baowu News Centre