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[ 2018-10-24 ]

Word Steel Association held executive council conference, annual conference, annual general meeting and council meeting from October 14 to 17, 2018 in Tokyo Japan.  Mr. Derong CHEN, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the board of Baowu Group, attended the relevant meetings.  World Steel Association is one of the largest and most active industry association in the world and covers more than 160 steel enterprises, national and local steel associations and steel research institutes.  World Steel Association member enterprises produce about 85% of the world’s crude steel.  Baowu China joined World Steel Association in 2004 and has been actively participating meetings and activities and has the right of discourse in the Association.  Baowu effectively makes use of the platform of World Steel Association to get cutting-edge information and to help in technology innovation and promotion and to provide supporting arguments for decision of future strategic planning and technical reservation for Baowu Group.

The executive council conference 2018 of World Steel Association was held on October 15.  In the conference work plan and budget of 2019 for World Steel Association were reviewed and themes such as recycling economy, protective measures, steel requirements and applications in down-stream lines were discussed.  More than ten executive directors from Arcelor-Mittal, VAI, Posco, Nippon Steel&Sumitomo, JFE, Tartar, HBIS Group etc. attended this conference.

During the conference, Mr. Derong CHEN visited the share-holding headquarters of Nippon Steel&Sumitomo and JFE.  Together with World Steel Association general secretary Mr. Edwin Basson,  president of Posco Mr. Cui Zhengyou. Chairman of the board and CEO of Arcelor-Mittal Mr. Lathmi Mittal, Vice president of Hyndai Mr. Yu Weizhe, Mr. CHEN made exchanges and discussions on topics which all concerned.

On October 17 Mr. Derong CHEN visited the Chinese ambassador in Japan.  Mr. Chen said that it had been 40 years for China’s Reform and Opening, for the conclusion of China-Japan Peace and Friendship Treaty and for the construction of Baosteel, which was also an important cooperative project for China-Japan friendship.  The 40 years of China Reform and Opening had brought enormous improvement on relationship between China and Japan.  Baowu China expected more exchanges and cooperation with more Japanese enterprises.

During the conference, Mr. Derong CHEN was interviewed by Japan Metal and he answered questions by the journalist about the two-year development after the establishment of Baowu and its future target.  Mr. Derong CHEN said after two years of establishment of Baowu, the former Baosteel and Wuhan Steel had succeeded in deep fusion of organization and mechanism, in professional reorganization of business sectors, in transformation from unification to fusion and in achieving both yield and profit high levels. The primary success in unification and reorganization enhanced Baowu’s capability and confidence and paved a solid foundation for future development.  Baowu had decided upon new round of strategic planning -- through capital operation and merging to expand and to become more professional, generating economies of scale.  This would be active possible development solution for Baowu and other Chinese steel enterprises.  Concerning the cooperation of Chinese and Japanese enterprises, Mr. Derong CHEN said Baowu would keep on being open and strengthen exchange and cooperation with enterprises such as Nippon Steel&Sumitomo and JFE ect. and take a leading and propelling roll in cooperation between enterprises of two countries and in mutual benefit for economic and technological advantages.

Source:Baowu News Centre