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[ 2018-10-24 ]

Twelve exhibition areas and more than fifty sets of parts newly debuted at the forum, including Baosteel ultralight white auto body BCB1.0plus and lightweight seat steel solutions, etc. “World Automotive Steel Alliance” published the Chinese version of “Guide for the application of advanced high strength steel”. The fourth Baosteel Auto Sheet EVI Forum themed with “Green, safety and cost” was held on October 18th with a lot of sparkling highlights, which attracted more than 300 globally renowned automobile and parts manufacturers and more than 800 honored guests from related majors and scientific research institutions to gather here and jointly explore the "Future-oriented solution of steel for automobile".

Baosteel auto sheet started from 1988 and gradually developed. From the production of only ordinary automobile interior plate to mass production of ultra-high strength steel and the global first QP steel, and then to user-centered comprehensive promotion of EVI technical service work, Baosteel automobile sheet has achieved the synchronous rapid development with China automobile industry and entered the stage of strategic transformation "from steel to materials, from manufacturing to service, from China to the world". After years of unremitting efforts, Baosteel has experienced three main stages, including the localization for substitution, quality guarantee and leading automotive steel, automobile sheet yield of Baosteel now is ranked third among the global publicly tradediron and steel enterprises, with the main products of high quality outer plate, high strength steel with years of mature application and ultra-high strength steel with advanced technologies, which occupy more than 50% market share of Chinese auto steel.

This is the first forum after the integration of Baowu. Guests at home and abroad have comprehensively expounded the development of automobile industry, the evolution of automobile materials, the future trend of new energy vehicles and the significance and value of EVI model. Mr. Brook, the director of World Automotive Steel Alliance under the World Steel Association, prospected the development trend of automotive steel; Mr. Hou Fushen, the deputy secretary-general of SAE-China deeply made the speech for future development direction of China automotive technology and new energy automobile development situation; Dr. Wang Jianfeng from GM China introduced the "Application of the third generation of steel and hot stamping in GM automobile". There are also other speeches that systematically demonstrated that Baosteel is making continuous efforts to provide customers with richer automobile sheet products, better technical services and more comprehensive solutions, including “Technology development of Baosteel automobile sheet in the past 40 years since reform and opening up” from Mr. Lu Jiangxin, the director of State Key Laboratory, “EVI new progress of Baosteel automobile sheet” from the chief engineer Mr. Bao Ping, “R&D progress of new materials and new process of Baosteel” from the chief researcher Mr. Wang Li, "Thinking and practice of new energy automobile of Baosteel” from Dr. Wu Yanjun, “Baosteel BCB1.0plus white body solution” from Dr. Han Fei, “Non-oriented silicon steel used in new energy vehicle driving motor of Baosteel” from the chief researcher Mr. Wang Bo, “Development of long material products for automobile of Baosteel” from the chief researcher Mr. Huang Zongze, “Commercial vehicle lightweight solution of Baosteel” from the chief researcher Mr. Wen Donghui and “Advanced material and technology strategy for seat frame of Baosteel” from Dr. Xu Dongkai.

Release and display of the latest achievements made the forum as if be a “Carnival” for the research technicians in the field of automobile steel. In the conference hall, Brook and Jiang Haomin, the deputy director of the Baosteel Central Research Institute jointly released the Chinese version of the “Guide for the application of advanced high-strength steel”, which represents the extensive application of advanced high-strength steel and the flowering of the results on Chinese soil. It also represents a new height in the production, marketing and research work in the field of advanced high-strength steel, especially the ultra-high strength steel; It even more represents a deeper cooperation between Chinese steel enterprises and their global partners, which has built a better platform for the development of steel technology in the world. Outside the conference hall, the virtual sample vehicle of Baosteel BCB1.0plus, PHEV virtual sample vehicle, physical sample of PHEV battery pack, hot stamping door ring, anti-collision beam of hot roll bending and other representative physical samples were displayed, which made the guests stop and linger.

Mr. Dai Zhihao, the secretary of Party Committee and chairman of Baoshan, on behalf of Baosteel, expressed sincere thanks and high respect in his speech to the users and friends who have been caring for, supporting and helping the development of Baosteel automobile sheet for so many years. He pointed out that "Green, safety, cost" remain the dominant theme of automotive technology development. Baosteel will, as always, adhere to the purpose of "Creating value for users" and the concept of "Creating happy life and green travel" for the development of automobile sheet, and work more closely with the automobile industry to face challenges together and share development opportunities. Dai zhihao stressed that the future development of Baosteel auto sheet will unswervingly be driven by the market, user demand-oriented, and make contributions to the development of automobile industry with users; Baosteel will unswervingly strengthen capacity building, improve differentiated competitive advantages, and consistently create value for users. Baosteel will also unswervingly carry out technological innovation, persist in becoming a leader in the steel industry, and achieve common progress with users in technology and value.

Source:Baowu News Centre