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[ 2018-09-30 ]

One firm step forward of China Baowu in driving “one base five elements” strategic planning and implementing in new material industry. On September 25th, “Baowu Carbon Material Science & Technology Co., Ltd.” (Baowu Carbon Materials for short), formerly named “Shanghai Baosteel Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.” was formally inaugurated and would aim at becoming the industry forerunner of China’s new-type carbon materials and transforming and developing from traditional coal chemical industry to industry of new-type carbon materials. Party secretary and Chairman of the Board of Baowu Carbon Materials Lin Xiuzhen and deputy Party secretary, general manager Xu Tongjian unveiled for the company.  

The first phase project of Baosteel Chemical, former Shanghai Baoshan Iron & Steel Plant Coking Plant, was established and put into operation in September 1985 together with Baosteel. Through over thirty years’ construction and development, it currently owns nine first-level branch and subsidiary companies covering eastern China, southern China and northern parts of China and one overseas representative office, has become domestic first and global second largest tar processing enterprise, and has realized planning objective of becoming global forerunner in the coking guild. Five product series of benzene, naphthalenes, phenols, pitch, and charcoal black have been widely applied in industries of construction, medicine, pesticides, plastics and fuel, etc.. In recent years, centering around development requirements of the main industry, Baosteel Chemical also worked at developing relative diversified industries, with significance attached around chemical product supply chain, technology chain, and resource utilization chain, and had formed relative industries of trade, E-commerce, and environment protection, etc. with autonomous intellectual property rights in key production technologies of a series of new-type carbon materials of needle-coke, pitch-coke and pitch-base carbon fibers, etc..

China Baowu is working at driving “one base five elements” strategic planning and taking new material industry as one of the key development directions. Moreover, “carbon base materials” are important composing parts of the new material industry. Emergence of Baowu Carbon Materials with the trend is not only in need for its survival and development, but also in response to further requirements of the nation and the group.

As the carrier of strategic development of carbon-base new materials in China Baowu, the establishment of Baowu Carbon Materials was entrusted with more missions to strive for building China Baowu carbon-base new material development platform growing and integrating with the city; to drive green and intelligent transformation and development of metallurgical coal chemical ecosystem and promote joint growth of various related stakeholders of the enterprise. With the vision of “becoming the forerunner of China’s new-type carbon material industry”, Baowu Carbon Materials had currently formed in preliminary shape three carbon material plans oriented towards “from pitch to pitch-base carbon fibers”, “from pitch to needle coke and to negative electrode materials” and “from pitch to needle coke and to graphite electrodes”, and actively pushed forward enterprise strategic transformation. 

Facing the future, Baowu Carbon Materials would stick to innovation motivation and green development to work out one high-quality development road of innovation, transformation and upgrading; further strengthen open-manner autonomous technological innovation system building, speed up carbon material R&D and engineering center building, increase science and technology input, and fully display existing advantages in R&D, technologies, talents and products; steadily construct new-type carbon material industrial chain of graphite materials, carbon fiberss and polyesters, etc. relying on brand and capital strength of China Baowu and integrating various kinds of resources inside and outside the group to strive for building core competitiveness and becoming forerunner of China’s new-type carbon material industry. Meanwhile, Baowu Carbon Materials would fully enhance innovation competence of intelligent manufacture, realize change of the company from traditional coal chemical manufacture to intelligent manufacture of new-type carbon materials, build up one-headquarter multiple-base intelligent manufacture digitalized plants with international competitiveness to drive green and intelligent transformation and development of metallurgical coal chemical ecosystem.  

After the unveiling ceremony, main leaders of Baowu Carbon Materials answered questions of the media centering respectively on problems of development strategies of Baowu Carbon Materials, strengthening Party building, and ensuring implementation and landing of the new-round planning, etc.. Among these, on Party building, Lin Xiuzhen expressed that work responsibility system for Party building would be further strengthened, requirements for strict governance of the Party in an all around way would be implemented, responsibilities of Party administration and governance would be carried out, enterprise reform and development results would be appraised for works and fighting forces of Party organizations, and political, organizational and mass work advantages of the Party organizations would be transformed into enterprise competition advantages, innovation advantages and development advantages to provide sturdy assurance for transformation and upgrading of Baowu Carbon Materials.

Source:Baowu News Centre