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[ 2018-07-17 ]

At present on the conference for “Top 100 with Comprehensive competitiveness of China’s software and information technology service 2018”, instructed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and hosted by China Information Technology Industry Federation (CITIF), the latest China’s top 100 Software Enterprises are released.  Baosight ranks the 19th, one position forward in comparison with last year.
The new Top 100 enterprises feature in scale effectiveness improvement, fruitful research and development and innovation, fulfillment in ecosystem, enhancement in international business and continuous deep fusion etc..
In recent years Baosight centers around the state policy of “internet plus” and makes effort in development and fusion for new generation of information technology with manufacturing technology, which leads to deep fusion for China’s industrialization and informatization and makes manufacturing enterprises turn from informatization and automation to smart manufacturing.  Meanwhile, the company expands continuously in the relevant areas of smart city and it owns powerful strength in fields of intelligent traffic, smart building, public services etc., which greatly pushes forward the creation of smart city.  Baosight follows the development of IT industry and makes creation with help of business model to provide relevant products and services such as cloud computing, internet data center (IDC), big data, un-personnel, industrial robot, internet of things (IOT) etc., which makes the company play the leading role in strategy of “industry 4.0” and “Made in China 2025” and become backbone for smart city construction and innovation.

From this year on, Baosight has been centering around Baosteel Group’s layout of “One Main and Five Diversified Lines” with its own general business concept of unification in advanced technology, expanding market and mode innovation.  Baosight has been optimizing the traditional business core competitiveness and at the same time strengthening the competitiveness in area of smart manufacturing and smart city.  Baosight has been following the trend of technology development, planning its next blueprint of smart manufacturing, practising the close deep fusion of artificial intelligence with the existing businesses, exploring actively innovation in institutional mechanism and enhancing operational vitality by stimulating staffs through optimization of company shareholding structure.

Source:Baowu News Centre