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[ 2018-06-10 ]

Recently, result for evaluation of “The All-Asia Executive Team” 2018 from American authorized financial magazine INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR has come out.  Baoshan Iron&Steel Co., Ltd. has won through fierce competition and ranks the first for “The best Investor Relation Company” in category of Basic Materials. 

Magazine INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR was founded in 1976.  It is one of the most influential financial magazine in the world.  The magazine evaluates among executive teams in Asia-Pacific area with strict standard and it is considered by professionals as wind vane for global investment. 

Evaluation of “The All-Asia Executive Team” 2018 concerns 2368 companies, 3538 buyer professionals and 982 seller analysts.  Institutions participating the evaluation involve global famous institutional investors including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Citigroup etc., which manage the Asian stock (excluding Japan) in amount of 1.6 trillion USD for market value.  Its in-depth and detailed data have supported the evaluation of the candidates across 18 sectors.

In recent years, Baoshan Iron&Steel Co., Ltd. has caught obvious more attention from the capital market benefiting from the improvement of Supply-Requirement relation in steel industry and significant growth of company performance.  Baoshan Iron&Steel Co., Ltd. has caught this chance and launched versatile activities for investor relation.  In 2017, the company received 103 batches of investors for investigation and held 31 telephone confereences;  The company  actively participated communicating meetings held by international famous investment banks such as JPM, UBS, Citigroup and Credit Suisse and policy exchanging meetings with local securities institutions such as Shenyin Wanguo, Everbright, Changjiang and Industrial Securities.  Besides, Baohan Iron&Steel Co., Ltd. communicates with investors through various activities: For medium and small customers, performance announcement is given on internet; For international investors, telephone conference is held on performance announcement day with overseas investors and overseas meeting is held for overseas investors; For institutional investors, analyst performance briefing is held concerning performance announcement and interim announcement of performance.  Such in-time and transparent information announcement and sufficient communication have been greatly appreciated by institutions and shareholders.

This award by American magazine INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR shows that the activities of Investor Relation of Baoshan Iron&Steel Co., Ltd. have been highly recognized by the capital market.  The company IR team will keep on providing intimate services with high standard and quality to vast investors in future.

Source:Baowu News Centre