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[ 2018-06-26 ]

Recently, the 7th meeting of the 1st Council of National Key Laboratory For Automotive Steel Development And Application technology was held in Baosteel Ltd. Central Research Institute, in which the achievements and experiences in respect of project planning, system operatin and R&D promotion of National Key Laboratory For Automotive Steel Development And Application in the previous stage was summarized, and the focus of work in the next stage was defined.

In the meeting “2017-2018 work report of National Key Laboratory” by National Key Laboratory, the process and results of evaluation of key laboratory by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the operation of laboratory, the achievements made in the progress of R&D work, as well as the thinking and planning for future development of National Key Laboratory were listened to. Meanwhile, the R&D personnel of National Key Laboratory made the report titled “Competition and cooperation about the development and materials of new energy car”, which elaborated the challenges and opportunities brought by the development of new energy car to automotive sheets, and the philosophy of countermeasures by Baosteel Ltd. In the technological field of materials for new energy car.

During 2017-2018, National Key Laboratory undertook 5 national topics; started the second batch of open topics; got 40 patents authorized, and 36 papers published, with 7 achievements awarded; different progress were made in material technology, forming technology, surface technology and connection technology.

In future planning, National Key Laboratory will center on the development directions of low carbon, informatized and intelligent automobile low carbon, and will develop into the leader of advanced car body material technology research of future automobile in China and the provider of comprehensive solutions for automotive materials; with automotive high strength as the base, focus on the development of new type light-weight materials, new energy automobile electromagnetic material, surface corrosion-resistant and functional materials, and master the material base and mechanism problems in manufacturing, processing and service, and maintain the leadership in R&D of advanced materials for automobiles; focus on advanced forming technology, multiple material connection technology and surface function technology, form the complete match for material technology and reliable support for new material application, so that the 3 major application technologies can become the important integral part of solutions and the important support to the advantages of Baosteel’s products; with integral solutions as the target, and multiple material route as the guide, systematically arrange the structural design, general integration and component analysis, diversified material structure applications, keep enhancing Baosteel’s capability to provide materials solutions, so that Baosteel’s technology for automotive materials can climb a new step.

The attending council member units fully affirmed the working achievements of key laboratory, unanimously believed that the general operations of National Key Laboratory is good, the R&D is in smooth progress, and the technological achievements are remarkable. The meeting passed the 2018 construction and research plan of National Key Laboratory, and discussed the construction and development of the laboratory in the new round assessment cycle.

Baosteel Ltd. requires the National Key Laboratory to strengthen the system and capability construction and build the open type technological highland to cohere and attract talents, and make more national innovation achievements. The meeting emphasized the position of automotive sheets as the first strategic core product of the company, and required to make good use of the platform of National Key Laboratory to consolidate the industrial and international technological resources, to serve the 3 transformation development strategy of the company. Meanwhile, the development of National Key Laboratory must be fully aware of the risk and challenges confronted by automotive sheets under the new situation, to keep developing and innovating, and try best to build an excellent platform.

Source:Baowu News Centre