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[ 2018-06-26 ]

Recently, Echeng Iron and Steel received the “Bid-winning notice” of the Caofeidian project for offshore platform steel of Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. Echeng Iron and Steel and Offshore Oil Engineering (Qing Dao) Co., Ltd. under China Shipping Industry signed the purchase and sales contract of approximately 19,000 tons of DH36, EH36 and Z35 offshore platform steel, marking the first time that the wide-thick plate products of the company won the bid of offshore platform steel of China Shipping Industry as a direct supplier.

China Shipping Industry is a subsidiary of CNOOC which is a large state-owned enterprise under State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. Its projects are all landmark drilling platforms, which have a good effect on promoting the wide-thick plate brand and further improving product quality of Echeng Iron and Steel. In the early stage, Echeng Iron and Steel participated in the offshore platform steel project of China Shipping Industry all through the agent for bidding and ordering. In order to strengthen in-depth cooperation, our company responded positively to the project bidding invitation issued by China Shipping Industry and participated directly in the online tender of China Shipping Industry. After the bid was opened on the Internet and the result was announced, our company placed orders directly with its subsidiaries according to the specific project.

Caofeidian project of China Shipping Industry for offshore platform steel has tight project period and heavy task, in order to guarantee the supply and all-round service for the project, Echeng Iron and Steel specially established a working team for supply guarantee for the project. It is specialized in tracking, whole-process follow-up and seamless connection of information transmission, contract signing, production and sales linkage, production organization, product delivery, quality assurance, logistics transportation, billing and settlement, etc., so as to provide maximum support for timely delivery of products with guaranteed quality and quantity.

Source:Baowu News Centre