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[ 2018-06-15 ]

Recently, the crack arrest steel for ultra-large container vessel developed by Baosteel Ltd. independently received the first batch of orders, which will be used in 2 container vessels for upgrade revamping of foreign transportation enterprise. It symbolizes that the production process, product quality and technical service of Baosteel’s crack arrest steel for ships are becoming mature day by day, and Baosteel Ltd. has become the few domestic enterprises that possess the capability to supply crack arrest steel for large container vessels.

Crack arrest steel belongs to the high-end product of steel for ships, featuring high technical requirements and difficult production, which can only be produced by foreign steel enterprises in the past. In recent years, the relevant domestic steel enterprises have all strengthened the R&D and production strength of this product, and Baosteel Ltd. is one of the first domestic enterprises to develop the relevant technical research on crack arrest steel. Baosteel Ltd. joined the project of “Research on key technologies and evaluation method of high strength crack arrest heavy plate for large container vessel” in 2014, and obtained EH40, EH47BCA high crack arrest TMCP high strength hull plate certificate from ABS, DNV-GL, CCS, BV, LR classification societies, and the comprehensive performance of products has reached international advanced level, the crack arrest property is leading in the industry.

Baosteel Ltd. Production, Sales & Research Team achieved breakthrough in large thickness high crack arrest thick plate crack arrest toughness control technology and engineering application technology by combining with the domestic market demand, and through many rounds of laboratory research, industrial trial production and application welding and cutting technology research, batch engineering application, etc., and formed the cutting key technology and thermal forming control technology and application guidance solution of homemade independent technical route for crack arrest steel, the crack arrest index, welding characteristics and crack sensitivity of steel plate have all reached the level of international same type products, while the key indexes such as plate base material crack arrest, welding joint CTOD, etc. have reached the international leading level, favorable cutting adaptability can be maintained under harsh cutting conditions. In view of the industrial user’s engineering demand for ultra-large container vessel, Baosteel Ltd. Collaborated with the users to carry out welding process testing research, and passed the second party welding process evaluation.

In the technical marketing of the first batch supply order, confronted with the user’s rigorous technical requirements for product specifications and performance, especially the thickest specification reaches 90mm, Baosteel Ltd. Production, Sales & Research Team made concerted efforts, took the initiative in visiting the users, and actively carried out technical exchange and service, fully satisfied the user’s individualized demands, and won the user’s affirmation and received the order successfully, so that the heavy plate of Baosteel Ltd. made breakthrough in commercialization of crack arrest steel products for ultra-large container vessel.

Source:Baowu News Centre