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[ 2018-06-15 ]

Recently, a foreign ship carrying 16, 000 tons of thick plate pipeline steel from Zhanjiang Steel has left the finished product wharf of Zhanjiang Steel, which marks that the thick plate production line of Zhanjiang has completed the first contract of Indian WELSPUN Pipe Plant on schedule.

Zhanjiang Steel attaches great importance to the first contract of pipeline steel BM and X65M of Indian WELSPUN Pipe Plant. As the high requirement on the technical performance of the contract and demanding requirement on the rolling control, very high requirements have been put forward for production organization and logistics delivery. For this reason, the Manufacturing Management Department cooperated closely with the Sales Department of Hot Plate and Engineering Materials, Steel Plant, Thick Plate Plant and Logistics Department to accurately grasp the user's demand, and formulated the production quality control measures of the whole process from smelting to delivery. Regular shift system composed of the technicians from the Manufacturing Department, Thick Plate Plant and other units is established..

The production mode of batch rolling is adopted in Thick Plate Plant. The number of batch rolling plates is further increased than that in the early stage. Maximum output rhythm of the pipeline steel has reached that of the common variety level. Through a variety of effective measures, eliminate the defects of the unit, improve the plate quality, improve the shear capacity, expand the limit specifications, so as to ensure the quality of the contract and delivery on time.

According to the contract, Manufacturing Department formulated perfect process control measures and strict product release standards, which were publicized, promoted and implemented solidly in the whole production line. Various difficulties were solved smoothly, such as the difficult lifting, unqualified inclusion, unstable drop hammer performance and high short product proportion, etc. Obstacles of short delivery time and heavy task were also overcome successfully. It was only 18 days from completion of manufacturing evaluation test by the user to completion of rolling of the whole contract and be ready for delivery.

The Energy and Environmental Protection Department further improves the water quality by optimizing the dosing proposal. The optimization of the control procedure enables the water temperature to be accurately controlled within the new standard range, thus ensuring the production quality of pipeline steel better.

In order to ensure the safe delivery of finished products, the Logistics Department, under the condition of limited logistics resources, formulated the use rules of the long framework of "decentralized transferring and centralized delivery" with special car for special use promoted per day, and formulated and implemented the elaborate transferring and gathering proposal. The method of warehousing "customs clearance" was adopted to replace the operation mode of ex-warehouse side aligning customs clearance to ensure the optimal ex-warehouse efficiency. On the other hand, self-customs clearance mode with one time customs examination instead of the traditional batch customs clearance created an opportunity for co-operation of multiple machines in the warehouse yard to guarantee the shipment, so as to finally complete the delivery smoothly.

Source:Baowu News Centre