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[ 2018-05-31 ]

On May 24th, with the opportunity of Chancellor of Germany Merkel’s visit to China, the fifth meeting of the China-Germany Economic Advisory Committee and CEO round-table conference were held in the Great Hall of the People. About 50 representatives from both sides attended the meeting. Both parties carried out a roundtable discussion with the topic of the "The international trade and investment environment in the new era". Chen Derong, general manager of China Baowu and deputy secretary of the Party Committee, attended the meeting as a representative of Chinese companies and made a speech. He attended the forum of China-Germany Economic Advisory Committee with the leaders of the both countries and was invited to a welcome lunch for Chanceller Merkel.

At the meeting, the Chinese chairman of China-Germany Economic Advisory Committee, Mr. Yi huiman, delivered a welcome speech and the German chairman, Mr.Lienhard, delivered a speech. The round table discussion focused on the “The international trade and investment environment in the new era”. The dean of the Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce Mr. Gu Xueming gave a speech on the topic of "China's opening up in the new era and Sino-German cooperation." Chairman of the German Federation of Industry, Mr. Ge Mufei, made a speech on the topic of "Current International Trade Situation (China-U.S.-Europe) )". Mr. Chen Derong and Mr. Feng Baohe, Chairman of Boehringer Ingelheim, Mr. Zhong Yu, Chairman of China Kangde Investment Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Deller, CEO of Knorr Brake Systems Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhang Jin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cedar Holding Group , and Mr. Shi Weihao, ALBA Group Chairman  and other corporate representatives made speeches at the meeting. In the end, Mr.Lienhard summed up the German views and suggestions for cooperation. Mr. Yi Huiman summed up the Chinese views and suggestions for cooperation.

Mr. Chen Derong, as the first representative of Chinese companies, spoke three points. First, China and EU shall find a solution to the dispute over steel trade with their transpositional consideration. EU, including Germany, is the victim of trade protectionism in the United States, while EU is also the initiator of China's steel trade protectionism. We should think in other words, and there should be a solution to the global steel trade friction. China and Europe have the foundation and conditions to firstly reach an agreement. Second, seizing opportunities for cooperation in the intelligent manufacturing of the steel industry in China. Germany has played a very constructive role in the development of the Chinese steel industry to today's level. Both the construction of the Baoshan base of Baosteel yesterday and the construction of the Zhanjiang base today cannot be separated from the strong support of German equipment manufacturers. As the initiator of Global Industry 4.0, Germany's smart manufacturing technology leads the world. China steel production capacity accounting for half of the world all has intelligent development requirements. It needs to continue to cooperate with German equipment manufacturers. This is a huge market. We hope that the German government will relax restrictions on the export of smart manufacturing technology and equipment for domestic companies and Chinese steel companies. Let technology really play a role in the benefit of mankind. Thirdly, it is hoped that the German government will relax restrictions on Chinese companies' investment in Germany. A few years ago, China Baowu acquired the equity stake of ThyssenKrupp Laser Welding Co., Ltd., which was the first major merger by Chinese steel company in Germany. At present, Germany and other EU countries have tightened China's investment review. The transformation of German steel companies is still ongoing. It is hoped that Chinese steel companies will have equal opportunities for bids in the disposal and sale of German traditional steel businesses, and we also welcome German companies to participate in the integration of the Chinese steel industry.

China-Germany Economic Advisory Committee was formally established in May 2013. It is the first bilateral economic cooperation consultancy mechanism established between China and major economies in the world. It aims to establish a direct channel of dialogue between leaders and the economic community, providing a platform for offering suggestions and cooperation to Sino-German enterprises, commercial associations, think tanks, etc.. Since the establishment of China-Germany Economic Advisory Committee for the past five years, it has made positive progress in all aspects of its work by providing advice to leaders and serving the company’s two core tasks. It has been recognized by both governments and the economic community.

Source:Baowu News Centre