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[ 2018-05-31 ]

From May23 to 24, “Asian Steel Experts’ Dialog in the Framework of IEA Global Sustainable Technology Roadmap for Iron & Steel” sponsored by International Energy Agency (IEA) and undertaken by Baosteel Ltd. was held in Shanghai. The meeting aims to explore the technical route of sustainable development to lower energy consumption and reduce the emission of greenhouse gas for the Asian steel industry. Senior executives of International Energy Agency, World Steel Association, and leaders of Baosteel Ltd. and Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization attended the meeting. The major steel enterprises and raw material suppliers in Asian area including JFE, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal, POSCO, Tata Steel, China Baowu, Ansteel, Shougang, BHP, the representatives from governmental departments in charge and industrial associations, as well as the specialists and scholars from the domestic and overseas research institutes, organizations and universities assembled to explore the innovative technologies and strategies for the sustainable development of steel industry.

According to the statistics, 69% of the global crude steel output in 2017 comes from Asia, and Asian countries occupy 4 seats out of the global top 10 largest steel producing countries. It is anticipated that by 2060, almost half of the growth demand in global crude steel output will come from Asia. As a large energy consumer, steel industry consumes approximately 9% of global terminal energy demand, and produces nearly 7% CO2 emission, while the consumption in Asian area accounts for nearly 70% of the above-mentioned two items. In recent years, International Energy Agency attaches much importance to to the energy conservation, emission reduction and sustainable development of Asian steel industry, this meeting is the first regional meeting held for global steel industry following the kick-off meeting of “IEA Global Sustainable Technology Roadmap for Iron & Steel” held in Paris in November last year. The meeting was organized and promoted by International Energy Agency and undertaken by Baosteel Ltd.

The leaders of Baosteel Ltd. warmly welcomed the attending guests, and introduced the concept and strategic target of “Urban steel mill” constructed by Baosteel Ltd., and sincerely wished the attending specialists can share the practical experiences of energy conservation and low carbon development with global vision and based upon the Asian industry characteristics and Chinese national conditions, explore the innovative technologies and strategies that can be used for reference during the sustainable transformation course of steel industry in each region, and provide the solutions contributed by the steel industry to break the difficulty of greenhouse gas emission control.

Director General of World Steel Association said in his speech that the main challenges faced by the global steel industry at present is how to realize energy conservation, emission reduction and sustainable development. It requires the practitioners, governments and all sectors of society to provide many types of effective and adaptive technical solutions. As the main steel producers in the world, China and Asia shall play the important roles in energy conservation and emission reduction. He wished that through strengthened exchanges and communications, more steel enterprises, governments and social people can participate, to improve energy utilization efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emission, and contribute wisdom and strength to the sustainable development of steel industry.

The meeting centered on four sectors: “Energy Scenario Analysis of Steel Industry”. “Research and Development of Low Carbon Technologies for Steel Industry”, “The Effect of Strengthening Recycling and Improving Resources Utilization Efficiency in Asian Steel Industry”, and “Economic Feasibility and Main Difficulties of Application of Industrial New Demonstrative Technologies” to carry out technology release and dialog with specialists. In the specially devised link of dialog and interaction with the honored guests, the exchange and Q&A on and off the stage is warm, fully demonstrating the professional and sharing spirits of the honored guests.

The attending guests also visited the plant area of Baosteel Ltd., which impressed them deeply in the active practice of Baosteel Ltd. in “Urban steel mill” and construction of green industry chain.

Source:Baowu News Centre