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[ 2018-05-31 ]

On the afternoon of May 23rd, accompanied by general manager and CPC deputy secretary of China Baowu Steel Group Corporation Limited Chen Derong, a delegation including member of Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee and Secretary of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee Li Qiang visited Baosteel Co., Ltd. Baoshan Base for investigation, and listened to reports on conditions of the company in “intelligent manufacture” and “city plant”. Li Qiang expressed affirmation for the enterprise in tackling key technologies and equipments and implementing intelligent and cleaning revamping, and encouraged Baosteel Co., Ltd. to display the role as a benchmark enterprise, and do well in works of energy-saving and environment-protection with the highest standards and levels of international steel industry, continuing to be pacesetter and make new contributions again for the green hills, clear waters, reform and development of Shanghai. Municipal leaders of member of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee Standing Committee and secretary general of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee Zhuge Yujie, vice mayor Shi Guanghui etc. went along for investigation.

Baosteel Co., Ltd. Baoshan Base in early summer is lush and in growing vitality. As a core enterprise of China Baowu, Baosteel Co., Ltd. has consistently stuck to high standards and strict requirements to carry out works of energy-saving and environment-protection since construction of the plant, and struck to green development strategy and carried out environment management in a sustained way. In recent years, to actively respond to strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee to strenuously push forward ecological civilization construction and requirements of Shanghai to build excellent global city and socialist modernized cosmopolis with global impacts, Baosteel Co., Ltd. kept conservation of ecological environment as a key grasp of high-quality development, devoted itself to building first-class city steel plant in harmonious co-existence with the city, and strengthened environment-protection input and improvement intensity in a continuous way, fine ecological environment and friendly corporate image had won recognition and praise from government departments and all circles of the society, and realized harmonious co-existence with neighboring residents.      

Iron-making process is the traditional big energy consumer and pollution emitter of steel industry. The delegation of Li Qiang first came to the region of raw material yard of Iron-making Plant. Several huge greenhouses stood shoulder to shoulder while none dust could be seen after the blow of light breeze. In recent years, Baosteel Co., Ltd. had invested over 5.3 billion yuan to implement raw material region full-enclosure revamping listed in key projects of Shanghai clean air action plan and realized full unmanned operation. Now, here had became garden type raw material yard of “using coal without the sight of coal, using ore without the sight of ore, using materials without the sight of materials, and people could taste tea under the belt conveyor”. The delegation of Li Qiang came into raw material yard greenhouses, listened to reports on general situations of yard revamping, and inquired in detail about environment-protection parameters of dust fall amount, etc.. When knowing that environment-protection revamping of “material yard full-enclosure and unmanned operation” belonged to international advanced level, he encouraged, Baosteel Co., Ltd. was China’s best steel enterprise, it should display world’s best levels in all links of production management, environment protection, etc., and build itself into a beautiful garden plant.  

On board of high sintering platform, the delegation of Li Qiang came to concentrated control room of sintering sub-plant. Standing in front of the big control screens, Li Qiang listened to overall introductions to works of Baosteel Co., Ltd. in energy-saving, environment-protection, intelligent manufacture, etc. made by Chen Derong, etc. while watching various kinds of data of environment protection and production displayed on the big screens. In recent years, Baosteel Co., Ltd. had   conducted big repair and revamping of sintering to substantially improve environment-protection circumstances in the sintering region. On accomplishment of initially implemented big repair and revamping project of No.3 sintering, its overall levels of environment protection and economic operation remained stable, it had realized “four reaches” six months in advance, its main emission parameters of environment-protection of nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, and dust, etc. all excelled national emission standards substantially, reaching leading levels of global steel plants. When knowing intelligent manufacture had emancipated employees from painful and exhausting posts, emission parameters after fuel gas purification revamping of the 3rd and 4th phase coking furnaces of Iron-making Plant reached national strictest requirements, and Baosteel Co., Ltd. had actively participated in hazardous waste treatment of Shanghai city, Li Qiang felt greatly relieved, and expressed affirmation for the enterprise in tackling technology and equipment difficulties, and realizing intelligent and cleaning revamping.

Global first set large-scale blast furnace control center constructed with autonomous integration by Baosteel Co., Ltd. was completed and enabled for use shortly before, successfully realized concentrated operation control and production management for four blast furnaces in Baoshan Base, and could provide remote technical support for blast furnaces in other bases, effectively enhanced production efficiency and operation levels. These were gratifying breakthrough of Baosteel Co., Ltd. achieved in areas of greatly propelling intelligent manufacture, constructing digitalized blast furnaces, and actively exploring multi-base integrated high-efficient production management mode. In blast furnace control center, Li Qiang asked in detail situations of blast furnace production and environment-protection revamping, and conducted discussions and communications with corporate leaders of Chen Derong, etc. on industrial structure adjustment, reduction of coal consumption volume, and strict environment-protection parameters, etc..

During investigation, Li Qiang fully affirmed efforts made by Baosteel Co., Ltd. in aspects of conservation of ecological environment. He emphasized, Baosteel was an important symbol of China’s reform and opening up, and had made important contributions to reform and opening up and to the city of Shanghai. Baosteel should further conduct proactively on existing fine foundation, and display the highest standards and levels of international steel industry as a good benchmark enterprise in aspects of energy-saving, environment-protection, city steel plant, and intelligent manufacture, etc. to make greater contributions to reform, development, and ecological conservation of Shanghai!  

Source:Baowu News Centre