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[ 2018-05-31 ]

Recently, the four products of Shaogang Steel Gear Steel, Shaogang Steel Carbon Structure Steel (Q235 Steel Plate), Shaogang Steel Carbon Structure Steel (Q235 Steel Bar) and Shaogang Steel Brand High Carbon Chrome Bearing Steel won the title of“Guangdong Famous Brand”.

The title of "Guangdong Province Famous Brand" was approved by Guangdong Province Famous Brand Promotion Committee after the declaration of enterprises, expert evaluation, and satisfaction survey, and was valid for three years. Besides Q235 steel plate, the other three special steel products of Handan Steel were declared for the first time and won the title of “Guangdong Famous Brand” for the first time.

Shaogang gear steel is one of the key materials in the use of special alloy steels in automobiles, railways, ships, and construction machinery, and is a manufacturing material that ensures the safety of the core components. Q235 steel rods are mainly used in railways, bridges, and various construction projects to manufacture various metal components subjected to static loads and mechanical parts and general welding parts that do not require heat treatment. Bearing steel is used to manufacture ball bearings, rollers, and sleeves for rolling bearings.

Source:Baowu News Centre