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[ 2018-05-14 ]

Recently, it is learned from China Baowu Consolidation and Integration Promotion Conference of Baosteel Co., ltd that the consolidation and integration is proceeded out steadily in the first quarter of this year.

In the first quarter of this year, the consolidation and integration of Baosteel Co.Ltd saw good outcome. The total number of task plans for 2018 is 761, and by the end of March, 159 of which have been finished with a completion rate of 21%. The annual milestone plans are totally 194 in number, 43 of which have been completed by the end of March, with a completion rate being 22%. In 2018, the information system changed from “if it is available” to "if it performs well”. Optimizing and applying well the on-line system has become the overall requirement to the integration of the system and businesses. So far, all the on-line system have been running normally, and the building of Wusteel Ltd’s local platform has achieved the phased results. Consolidation and integration action plan of 2018 specified the synergic management mission, that is, 89 management rules are to be revised in the whole year, and by 1st quarter, 33 revisions have been done, amounting to 148% of the planned goal, among which, revisions by special sales team, operation & optimization, investment management, safety management have been fully completed. Meanwhile, Winsco continued to take combined measures of deepening reform, namely, implementing the reform of the procurement center organization, adjusting the responsibility and staff of the Wusteel Computer & Control Co.; integrating the maintenance resources and organizing maintenance center; promoting the reconstruction of the post system, designing the principle and goal of post sequence and the manning adjustment.

The Integration Management Office of Baoshan Ltd has made clear the focus of the next step work, that includes implementing annual planned tasks and milestone key progress, concentrating to realize the synergic effect timely, ensuring information system coverage and transplant to be timely completed. In addition, activities to promote 5 special team and 16 functional lines onto a new stage, promoting to improve 5 capabilities of Qingshan base, promoting the management and control model of multi-manufacturing-bases in Qingshan base. All the efforts were made to fulfill the yearly plan and the goal of consolidation and integration action. At the same time, Baosteel Ltd continued to maintain well "Baowu Consolidation and Integration Work Briefing Report" and communication and coordination work of consolidation and integration platform. In the second quarter, the integration administration office proposes to launch special research and training training activities on consolidation and integration, working together with the Trade Union to continuouly to carry out related work of special labor competition of “consolidation, integration and innovation”. Besides, Baosteel Ltd also continues to track the effectiveness of the "embedded" support, the progress of cultural integration and the changes in the operation capability of multi-manufacturing bases.

Baosteel stressed that all the departments must be strictly in accordance with the schedule, taking their respective responsibilities, looking for the shortcomings and deficiencies by problem-oriented way, making all the efforts to promote the integration work. China Baowu concentrates in parallel the benefit and ability in its consolidation and integration, with attention not only being placed on “ real money” made from synergic work and the yearly synergic benefit goal to be achieved, but also more on the ability improvement. 2018 marks the critical period for the integration of Baowu, and launching on-line of the manufacturing system, is most important and difficult and of top priority.Putting the system on-line is the beginning of information work, not the end. Timely tracking, finding problems and blind spots in the application process should be carried out to ensure that the system has been optimized and improved.This year, Baosteel Ltd's innovation, consolidation and integration work has promoted several embedded projects. More resources need to be invested to  strengthen the attention and promotion of embedded projects of project investment and construction management , and rapidly enhance the capacity of WISCO in this regard.

Source:Baowu News Centre