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[ 2018-02-14 ]

On Feb 8-9, China Baowu overseas development seminar of 2018 was held in Baowu Tower. Those who have long time worked strenuously far away from motherland for China Baowu’s overseas business came back for big family reunion, to share the achievements and discuss together for better future of the overseas operations. Secretary of CPC, Chairman Guoqiang, Vice secretary of CPC, President Che Derong, and other leaders with China Baowu attended the seminar.

In 2017, China Baowu steadily advanced its overseas operations. Overseas marketing and value-added service system started to show beneficial result through the system integration. “Baowu Freight Trains” went into normal operation. Engineering technological service, secondary processing of steel products saw active development of businesses in the areas along “the Belt and Road” and international industrial capacity cooperation entered into key projects advancing stage from initial projects scanning. Overseas assets quality was improved and business basis was further reinforced. All this achieved has laid solid foundation for the Group Corporation to launch new march of overseas operations in 2018.

Five special secessions were held on themes of overseas marketing, modern trade & logistics, overseas resources, engineering technology service and international industrial capacity cooperation on Feb 8. Baosteel Co., Ltd, Bayi Iron & Steel, Baosteel Engineering, Baosteel Resources, Baosteel Metal among others delivered subject reports respectively on the following day. In 2017, the sales & marketing system of Baosteel Co., Ltd has energetically implemented overseas sales channels integration of Baowu, and maintained stable export of steel products by sparing no efforts to develop each and every regional market. Bayi Iron & Steel advanced actively “ Baowu Fright Trains”, enriching the work scope of Group in echoing the Belt & Road Initiative of the county. Baosteel Engineering witnessed notable effect in developing the overseas business along the Belt and Road. Baosteel Resources, under guideline of the development plan of modern trade and logistics industry, improved assets quality by adjusting resources investment thinking, making good use of existing resources and implementing classified disposing. Baosteel Packing explored the ways to expand market through international development. Baosteel Metal worked hard to cultivate international talents via overseas projects.

Wang Jianxiong, Director of 12th Office of the State-owned Key Large-Scale Enterprises Supervisory Board of the State Council announced in his speech the overseas assets supervision outcome of China Baowu .

Baosteel Co.,Ltd said, it will implement the development strategy of Group Corporation, continuously improve the capability of Baosteel Co., Ltd’s overseas marketing system, maintain the export share of steel products, and develop overseas’ market through hard and earnest work. It will closely follow the development and cooperation of the overseas resources projects continuously to ensure steel production in rational way. Baosteel Co., Ltd will proactively explore the opportunities to transfer advantageous industrial capacity to countries along the Belt and Road. Additionally, it will provide supports through its overseas sales platform to other member units in Group in their overseas development.

Chen Derong reviewed the overseas work of China Baowu in 2017 and mapped out the plan on major overseas work for 2018. He said, though notable achievements were made for the overseas operations of China Baowu, we need to be clear that there are still existing problems and weakness. For overseas work in 2018, the principles should be followed as to implement integration & fusion, reinforce the foundation, pursue progress while ensuring stability, and go after high quality development. We need to have in-depth thinking on how to match the overseas steel capacity layout with China Baowu’s goal of 100 million ton capacity. We should concentrate further the overseas development of diversified industries to foster specialized comparative advantage. We should take new approaches in exploring overseas development patterns to promote its harmonious advancing. We need to focus on the regions along the Belt and Road, work hard to pursue key breakthrough. We must observe regulations and disciplines to be law abiding global enterprise and citizen.

Ma Guoqiang stressed, in carrying out the overseas work, we should strengthen the study and implementation of the spirit of the 19th CPC national congress and Xi Jingping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, hold firmly a series of important thesis and judgment made in the 19th CPC national congress, regularize and institutionalize the requirement to have a solid understanding of the Party Constitution, Party regulations, and to be a qualified CPC member. We need to strengthen the Party’s leadership and building, reinforce overseas Party organizations building, raise the understanding level from political stance, and make strenuous efforts in overseas’ leading group construction, Party members learning and education. Ma Guoqiang pointed out, to advance further system capability of overseas operations, we need to  develop risk control and management matching with it, in stead of pursuing internationalization for the sake of internationalization. In overseas steel base construction, we need to make full resources preparation in line with principle of proactively sourcing and prudently decision making. Carrying out the work of overseas resources requires us to further open our mind, make strenuous efforts to making good use of the existing resources, turn ourselves to the entity of using and securing resources. We need to strengthen measures to build export channel and system, pay attention to efficiency, quality, cost and marketing capability, develop more energy to R& D and innovation to avoid homogeneity competition, strive to build China Baowu a global known brand.

Source:Baowu News Centre