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[ 2018-02-09 ]

The high-level exchange meeting of China Baowu and SKF was held recently in Baowu Tower. During the meeting, both sides jointly looked back the cooperation experience and investigated the approach for further cooperating ahead in order to achieve win-win result under new circumstances. Chen Derong, President and Vice secretary of CPC of China Baowu, Alrik Danielson, President and CEO with SKF group and others attended the meeting.

At the meeting, both sides reviewed the practices of continually expanding cooperation area and tightening cooperative relationship since the strategic cooperation agreement was signed for the first time in 2005. During 2016-2017, Baosteel and SKF have teamed up each other, concentrated on innovations in technology, service and form, and made new progress in fronts of trouble-free operation (TFO) of equipment, green Baowu construction, bearing material business and HR management among others. Both sides held deep communication on the cooperative projects that were currently under way. They mutually said they would follow the tide of new situation and requirement, unceasingly strengthen the exchanges at each and every level to develop more broaden cooperation scope.

Alrik Danielson said, the practical advancing and high-level’s attention and support to the specific projects have laid down solid foundation for mutual cooperation. SKF has attached importance to technical research and development to create value for customer and reduce impact on environment by means of improving products’ functionality and reliability. He expected both sides to further deepen mutual communication, better understand the product technology and actual needs of each other so as to select high quality project, and to constantly develop new cooperative areas and let the mutual long term partnership continue to go on by setting up highly efficient promotion system and keeping high-level’s exchanges and communication .

Cheng Derong said, China Baowu has always valued highly the cooperation with SKF, and high-level’s exchanges of both sides have played positive role in advancing cooperative business. He pointed out, with China’s economy entering into a new era of high quality development, the steel industry will attach more importance to variety, quality and green development, which will lead to more opportunities for cooperating with SKF. In 2017, China Baowu set up the mission of “being the world class conglomerate leading the development of global steel industry”. The Company will continue to focus on the steel products for high-end manufacture industry, and intensify efforts in developing high-end bar and wire rod products. In addition, the Company is structuring internet-based new commerce forms of steel ecosphere. He hoped both sides to strengthen the cooperation in bearing steel business, investigate the cooperation chances in new commerce form as e-commerce, etc.. He wanted both sides to expand common business to the third party, creating values to the respective and common customer on the basis of providing product and service to each other.

Source:Baowu News Centre