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[ 2018-01-23 ]

At 3BF of the iron making plant of Basoteel Ltd, simply by pushing buttons, through the automatic devices, the cast-house operators can fulfill automatically the tasks like changing taphole bar, charging gun-clay, among others, which used to be very tough ones. Recently, the automatic control system of BF furnace operation, first of its kind in world steel industry was officially put into use in 3 BF. The system, with the key process technology independently integrated by Baosteel Ltd, is collectively developed together with Baosteel Engineering, Baosight and other related parties.

Because of high danger, poor working environment and intensive labor of the BF cast house operation, automatized intelligent renovation is called for urgently to release the furnace operators from heavy and dangerous work. To advance Industry 4.0 and Intelligent Manufacture of Baosteel Ltd, under the proposal of Iron Making Plant and Investment Management Department, etc. of Baosteel Ltd, Baosteel Engineering and Baosight and other related parties worked collectively to implement the model project of 3BF cast house automatic renovation in Iron Making Plant of Baosteel Ltd.

For this 3 BF cast house renovation project, on the basis of completing trial manufacturing of the sample machines in last April, there added 4 auto clay chargers, 4 auto taphole bar changing devices, 2 auto clay packers, and 1 remote control mechanic slag removal set up respectively in the south and north cast house. Besides, 4 swinging spouts were completed in automatic modification and switched into operation. With the usage of these newly added automatic devices, the work load and danger coefficient of staff are drastically reduced at the same time, the working efficiency is enhanced. As result, the project goal of “ stability, safety, economy and high efficiency” has been reached. The project team will further expand the success achieved in 3BF to other BFs. At present, the automatic renovation project for 4 BF in Baosteel Ltd is initiated.

Source:Baowu News Centre