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[ 2017-12-18 ]

Recently, 6 computer software systems developed independently by Ouyeelbuy have passed examination of China Copyright Protection Center and been granted with Copyright Registration Certificate of Computer Software by National Copyright Administration of People’s Republic of China(NCAC). So far, Ouyeelbuy has gained 12 computer software copyrights in total.

If a certificate for computer software copyright can be obtained through registration with National Copyright Administration of People’s Republic of China(NCAC), it is a pre-condition that the copyright will be protected legally and administratively. As an important proof that company owns key proprietary intellectual property rights, computer software copyright also stands for an intangible Assets to company brand value acessment, and a convincing demonstration of its soft power.

From Sep. 2017, Ouyeelbuy has reported to China Copyright Protection Center the comperter software projects in sucession. In accordance with the provisions of “ Registration of Computer Software Copyright Procedures”, 6 pieces computer software systems, namly, “ OuyeelBuy Review and Approve Flow Software V1.0”, “ OuyeelBuy Mall Softward V 1.0), “ Business Electronic Resume V2.0 of OuyeelBuy E-Commerce Platform”,  “OuyeelBuy Inquiry & Qutotation Comparison Software V1.0” “ OuyeelBuy On-line Negotiation Software V1.0”,  “OuyeelBuy Supplier Self-recommandation Software V1.0”, are all examined and registered with China Copyright Protection Center. The 6 software systems, after being strictly reviewed and evaluated by the authoritative department, all of their indexes have reached the requirements set for software products registration.

Source:Baowu News Centre