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[ 2017-12-18 ]

Recently, Chengdu Huaye Huanglongxi Engineering Management Co., Ltd jointly invested and established by Hwabao Trust, China 20 Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd, Chengdu Shuangliu District Transportation Construction Investment Co., Ltd as a shareholder was formal launched, it marks Chengdu PPP project independent developed by Hwabao Trust was formal landed. In this project, Hwabao Trust provideed the design of integrated investment and financing scheme, bring in institutional client by taking advantage of its own financial institutions, to solve the investment and financing demands generated in PPP project. Road construction of PPP project in Huanglongxi area is located in Chengdu Shuangliu district, Sichuan province, the total scale of the project is 555 million yuan, and the total life cycle of the project is 12 years, including 2 years of construction period and 10 years of operation. The project is formed a consortium by Hwabao Trust, China 20 Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd to participate in project bidding. In the first round of pre-qualification on October 9, 2016, the consortium where Hwabao Trust is belongs was succeeded in breaking the siege from more than 20 competitors, and it was won the bid formally in January 2017. After wining the bid, Hwabao Trust actively communicate with the members of the consortium, after nearly a year of unremitting efforts through innovative trading structure, professional and responsible attitude, finally, the project has been promoted and realized landing.

After accumulating many years experience, the Hwabao Trust using cooperation of industrial and financial as a breakthrough point, applying the advantage of trust system to actively arrange PPP field. The road construction of PPP project in Huanglongxi area of Shuangliu district is the first PPP project that Hwabao Trust is involved in whole planning, architecture design, financial solution and contract negotiation. The smoothing landing of the project that marks Hwabao Trust made a solid step in the field of PPP, it has laid a solid foundation for the follow-up opening of the trillion-level PPP project market.

PPP project(Public-Private-Partnership), that is public and private partnership mode, refers to government and social capital cooperation mode, it is a long-term cooperative relationship established in the field of infrastructure and public services. As of the end of June 2017, the total number of national pre-registration PPP projects has exceeded 13000 and the total investment has exceeded 16 trillion yuan according to the PPP center data of ministry of finance.


Source:Baowu News Centre