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[ 2017-12-06 ]

Recently, the theme of "Invention@Wisdom Creation@Dream" for the Twenty-second Nationwide Invention Exhibition and the Second World Invention Innovation Forum held in Foshan, Guangdong. China Baowu selected and sent 211 items of front-line position innovation achievement to participate the exhibition, won 31 items of gold prize, 51 items of silver prize and 67 items of bronze prize, 11.4%, 12.8%, and 15.1% respectively of the total awards of front-line blue collar creator in domestic achievements at exhibition, the innovation ability of front-line blue collar invention creator in China Baowu was highly recognized by the organizing committee.

The innovation achievements of front-line position selected by China Baowu focusing on the key points in production of current manufacturing enterprise, such as green production, energy saving and cost reducing, efficiency improvement, etc, depending on excellent strength, this make it stand out from the items participated in exhibition, and achieving outstanding results. Besides, 20 teenagers of "China Baowu Teenager Invention Award" was awarded by this exhibition., it embodies the social responsibility of undertaking cultivation of Chinese youth innovation talent by China Baowu, which is highly praised by the organizing committee.

At the exhibition, Pan yunhe, chairman of the China Invention Association, secretary of the party committee of China Invention Association, and Yu Huarong, executive vice chairman and secretary general, etc came to China to visit Baowu exhibition, listened the project report of front-line position innovation backbone, highly affirmed and praised for the staff position innovation work and exhibition project of China Baowu. China Baowu exhibition group was awarded "Outstanding Exhibition Group Award" by the China Innovation Association.

The main purpose of this exhibition is to inspire the invention enthusiasm of the public, create an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship for the whole society and promote international exchange and cooperation. The exhibition attracted 500 enterprises from different countries and regions to participate, among them, there are projects from 44 countries, regions and international organizations participate in the exhibition in the "One Belt and One Road" exhibition area, it is the largest and the most projects of all previous national invention exhibition, internationlization and degree of specialization unprecedented, intense competition.

Source:Baowu News Centre