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[ 2017-12-01 ]

Recently, the signing ceremony of “Baosteel Ltd.―China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd.” and “Baosteel Ltd.―China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corp.” was held in Baosteel Ltd. Customer Service Center, symbolizing that Baosteel Ltd. and CNPC jointly open the new engine for cooperation represented with the "Belt and Road" through deepened cooperation and mutual promotion.

Vice president of CNPC Qin Weizhong, Party secretary and chairman of Baosteel Ltd. Dai Zhihao and (executive) vice president of Baosteel Ltd. Chu Shuangjie attended the signing ceremony.

China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd. is CNPC’s specialized company in oil and gas storage and transportation engineering, possesses the complete industry chain from R&D, consultation, financing, survey, design, purchase, construction mechanical manufacturing to production startup escort, operation and maintenance, and has the life cycle construction management capability. China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corp. is the specialized company with oil and gas field surface engineering, LNG and offshore oil platform engineering as the main business and oil and gas storage and transportation engineering, oil refining and chemical engineering, maintenance engineering as the auxiliary business, and possesses the total business chain and life cycle service capability.

From completion of Phase I construction till now, Baosteel Ltd. has accumulatively supplied over 10 million tons of seamless tubes, welded pipes, hot-rolled sheets and coils and heavy plates, etc. to CNPC, and possesses the capability to cover the complete series of oil pipe and line pipe varieties. During the cooperation for nearly 30 years, both parties have kept extending the cooperation fields from product supply to joint R&D, from close fitted service to information sharing, from product cooperation to equity participation in CNPC’s No. 3 West-east Gas Transmission Line, and driving technology innovation to realize alliance between giants, and common development.

To support the national economic development, actively propel national initiative of the “Belt & Road”, further expand the cooperation between Baosteel Ltd. and CNPC in the sector of engineering construction, and better serve the pipeline and petrochemical engineering projects of CNPC at home and abroad, Baosteel Ltd. Intends to further deepening the strategic cooperation with China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd. and China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corp. through sufficient communication. The term of the cooperation agreement is 5 years, according to the agreement, Baosteel Ltd. will carry out extensive exchange and cooperation with these two companies in terms of business cooperation, technical cooperation, information cooperation and credit construction, etc. In the in-depth cooperation, Baosteel Ltd. will form consortium with the two companies respectively, actively respond to the national initiative of the “Belt & Road”, keep exploring the markets at home and abroad, incorporate the corporate development into regional economic development and national strategy, to realize dual drive of market and customer development; meanwhile, the cooperative parties will drive the technological progress of steel products by centering around the R&D, tests and application of the new technologies, new products and new materials required in the field of oil and gas storage.

In the meeting before the signing ceremony, Qin Weizhong pointed out that, in recent years, CNPC implemented the central deployment, actively carried out cooperation in oil and gas projects with the countries along the “Belt & Road”, gave full play to the role of main force of the “Belt & Road” strategic energy. In the course of “going out”, the international market put forward higher requirements for CNPC’s technology innovation capability and comprehensive competitiveness. Baosteel Ltd. Boasts the advantages of multiple bases, multiple lines and multiple varieties. The in-depth cooperation with Baosteel Ltd. is of important significance for CNPC to better establish the brand and enhance market competitiveness in the international market. CNPC is willing to keep expanding the cooperation scale and enhance cooperation quality with Baosteel Ltd. to create the beautiful future together!

Dai Zhihao emphasized that, CNPC and China Baowu are both large central enterprises under the leadership of State Council SASAC, for a long time, China Baowu and CNPC have maintained favorable cooperative relationships, both parties are not only strategic user to each other, and the cooperation fields keep expanding and deepening. In recent years, CNPC has made amazing achievements in enhancing comprehensive competitiveness and expanding international market, etc., which are worth learning by Baosteel Ltd. Dai Zhihao wished that, the cooperative parties will take the signing of the agreement as a new starting point, continue to give play to respective advantages, and confront the increasingly intensified competitions in international and domestic markets together in active response to national initiative of the “Belt & Road”, to realize cooperative win-win.

Source:Baowu News Centre