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[ 2017-11-27 ]

On November 16th, the creating work meeting of deepening model worker and craftsman talent innovation studio for the national labor union was held in Ningbo, at the meeting, 100 national model workers and craftsmen talent innovation studios were named, among them, Baosteel Wang Jun innovation studio on the list. So far, Kong Liming innovation studio and Wang Jun innovation studio of Baowu has received this honor.

"Promote the construction of worker innovation studio" is listed as the administrative key project of the group company by Baowu, which is proceeded in order according to projectized way, the group company has 232 worker innovation studios. After many years of development, the worker innovation studio has become an important position in the post innovation activity of Baowu staff, it is the important carrier to cultivate frontline innovative talents, the innovation expert comes out from the innovation studio and the emergence of innovative achievements are too numerous to mention one by one. Including eight provincial craftsmen and five items of national science and technology progress second prize, seven frontline workers won the second prize of shanghai science and technology progress for six consecutive years. This year, the innovation studio of Baowu staff has made new breakthroughs in the promotion, sharing and application of the results, there have been 36 job innovation results reached 90 demand intentions in the scope of group company. In the third quarter of this year, ten model innovative studios of Baowu, eighteen innovative studios of group company level, and ten "top ten innovative studios" were voted by the trade unions of group company.

At the meeting, Wang Jun as the representative of national model worker and craftsman talent innovation studio made a speech. He shared the experience since the studio was founded nine years ago, showed the innovative achievements achieved by the studio, got the full affirmation of National Federation of Trade Union. Since Wang Jun innovation studio was established nine years ago, it has cultivated five worker inventors successively, won 86 items in domestic and foreign invention exhibition, created 1.3 billion yuan direct economic benefits last five years.

Source:Baowu News Centre