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[ 2017-11-27 ]

Recently, the appraisal results of China Metallurgical Science and Technology Award sponsored by China Iron & Steel Association and the Chinese Society for Metals were published, China Baowu’s 20 projects received the Award, including 4 first prizes, 4 second prizes and 12 third prizes.

Among the 4 first prize projects of China Baowu, Baosteel Ltd.’s project of “The LCA-based research of the production process and environmental friendliness of Baosteel products” provides support to the method system, technology and data of “environmental management” by using the total life cycle assessment method. After the development of more than ten years, the project has gradually formed a complete set of application system from establishment of methodology system, models and software tool development, to the application in the upstream and downstream industry chain, up to the ecological design phase of products. The implementation of the project not only promotes the greening of steel manufacturing process itself, moreover is the detailed practice of Baosteel’s plan of “becoming the driver of green industry chain”, which drives the general greening of upstream and downstream industries of steel and leads the new philosophy of the green development of Chinese steel industry. The achievements of the project have been promoted and applied in the group and part of the upstream and downstream enterprises. It has the prospect for external technological promotion, forms many achievements of intellectual property rights, receives World Steel Association’s “LCA Leadership Award”, and reaches international leading level.

Meishan Steel’s “Development and application of coke oven gas strengthened sintering technology” is to inject certain amount of coke oven gas into the sintering charge level, under the negative pressure effect of sintering, the coke oven gas is suctioned into the sintering charge layer and burns and gives out heat in the upper part of combustion layer of the material, so that the combustion layer of sintering is widened. Meanwhile, due to the reduction of solid fuel ratio in sintering, the highest temperature of sintering is lowered, which is more suitable to the generation of SFCA with better strength and reducing property, so that the sintering strength is improved and the yield is increased. This technology can reduce the solid fuel consumption and the total energy consumption of sintered ore production, and cut down the cost of sintered ore and pig iron. Meanwhile, this technology can make the sintering process more smooth, better adjust the heat distribution of upper and lower part of sintering charge, and prevent insufficient heat in the upper part and overburning in the lower part, so that the strength and reducing property of sintered ore are improved, which is conducive to the smelting of large blast furnace and reduction of coke ratio of blast furnace and pig iron cost; this process also has the feature of cutting down the greenhouse gas CO2 emission in the iron-making process, is a green and state-of-the-art technology with the environmental protection characteristics of saving energy, lowering consumption, reducing the costs of sintered ore and pig iron.

WISCO’s “The technological development and application of producing silicon steel (oriented and non-oriented) with thin slab casting and rolling” carries out relevant basic theory and technological brainstorming with WISCO’s thin slab casting and rolling (CSP) line as the basis, realizes the scale production of high magnetic induction non-oriented silicon steel and HiB steel in CSP, forms a series of proprietary intellectual property rights, and the general technological level is leading internationally. The products are applied in power transformers and various motors, and win the favorable comments from the users extensively. Now WISCO’s CSP has become the silicon steel production line boasting the most complete specifications (high magnetic induction oriented silicon steel, non-oriented silicon steel), largest output and highest efficiency in the world.  The project has formed 11 authorized patents and 11 technical know-how.

Besides, the project of “Key technology R&D and serialized product application of energy-saving and environmental protection new materials for large coke ovens” jointly developed by Baosteel Ltd. and Sinosteel Refractory Co., Ltd. received the first prize.

Source:Baowu News Centre