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[ 2017-11-14 ]

In the afternoon of November 11, the award ceremony of 2017 Baosteel Education Award was held in Baowu Management Institute. After appraisal, 25 students including Li Ziwei are awarded with Special Prize of 2017 Baosteel Excellent Student, 464 students including Sun Yuchen are awarded with 2017 Baosteel Excellent Student Prize. 6 teachers including Li Junfeng are awarded with Special Prize of 2017 Baosteel Excellent Teacher, 12 teachers including Zhang Pingwen are awarded with award nomination of Special Prize of 2017 Baosteel Excellent Teacher, 249 teachers including Pang Jingyuan are awarded with 2017 Baosteel Excellent Teacher Prize.

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, member of the national committee of CPPCC, adviser of Beijing municipal government, adviser of Baosteel Education Foundation, former president of Beijing Forestry University Professor Yin Weilun, honorary chairman of Baosteel Education Foundation, Party secretary and chairman of China Baowu Steel Group Corporation Ma Guoqiang, honorary chairman of Baosteel Education Foundation and former chairman of Baosteel Group Corporation Xie Qihua, former director general of Baosteel Education Foundation and former Party secretary of Baosteel Group Corporation Guan Zhuangmin, director general of Baosteel Education Foundation and deputy Party secretary of China Baowu Steel Group Corporation Fu Zhongzhe, the juries of Baosteel Education Award 2017 and the leaders from 75 colleges and universities participating in the appraisal, Ministry of Education, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, China Metallurgical Education Society, and the representatives of the teachers and students winning Baosteel Education Award attended the award meeting.

Baosteel Education Foundation is one of the important measures by Baosteel to support education cause and repay the society. For 28 years, Baosteel education award always takes “Rewarding and promoting excellent talents, practice diligently respect to teacher and his teaching, driving the industry and university cooperation, and supporting the development of education”as the tenet, sets up favorable image in the educational circles and society, and Baosteel Education Foundation and Baosteel Education Award have got extensive influence and high popularity. The activity is also the first awarding ceremony of Baosteel Education Award since the official establishment of China Baowu Steel Group Corporation.

Deputy chairman of Baosteel Education Award Jury Committee, former president of Sun Yat-sen University Huang Daren read out the decision to commend excellent students and excellent teachers. Professor of Jilin University Zhang Hanshi and Wei Guan from Qinghai University delivered speeches on behalf of the winning teachers and students. They unanimously pledged to turn incentive into more sufficient driving power, to repay the high expectations from the universities and Baosteel Education Foundation. They will give full play to the leading role, actively drive the classmates and teachers around to carefully study the spirits of 19th CPC National Congress, strengthen the ideals and convictions, aim for the highest, progress in a down-to-earth way, and sincerely wish a better tomorrow of China Baowu.

In his speech, Fu Zhongzhe said, China Baowu has set sail, Baosteel Education Foundation will also be endowed with new vitality, play a better role and make greater contribution in supporting the education cause. He pledged that it is necessary to train more and better talents that can meet the demands of the Party, Country and the era in order to realize the target of “two 100-year” and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Let’s work together and create better performance by centering around the study and implementation of the spirits of 19th CPC national congress and with the guidance of Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.

Ma Guoqiang pointed out in the speech that, Baosteel Education Award has gone through 28 years, but it is the first time to appraise and award after entering the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, which is also an important measure to study and implement the spirits of 19th CPC National Congress. Fairness and quality are the orientation of education in the new era, this appraisal also embodies this requirement of the era. He pledged to stay true to the mission and continue to march forward. whether to manage education or to manage enterprises, the key to grow strong lies in the talents. World class universities and first class disciplines must be constructed for education, we will also build China Baowu into a leader in global steel industry and a world class enterprise group. Through consolidation and focus, transformation and upgrading, we will build up the pattern of synergetic development of related businesses such as new materials, modern trading logistics, industrial service, urban service, industry finance, etc. with the green, premium and intelligent steel industry as the basis, and finally form certain pillar businesses of “hundred billion RMB level revenue and ten billion RMB level profit” and a batch of excellent enterprises of “ten billion RMB level revenue and billion RMB level profit”.

Ma Guoqiang emphasized that, the people of China Baowu must always carry the “dream of strengthening the country with steel”, carry forward the Chinese spirits, cohere with the Chinese force, and achieve the performance living up to the expectation of the history, the era and the people with our utmost wisdom, strength and efforts, so that we can have the qualification and force to support education. The core value of China Baowu is “sincerity and synergy, innovation and sharing”, we will stay true to the mission, faithfully implement the social responsibility, continue to support the award to teachers and students, and contribute our bits to strengthening the country with education and benefit the people. Let’s carefully study Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, closely unite around the central Party committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, to jointly realize the new blueprint and new foundation, and create a better tomorrow.

Before the meeting, the Foundation organized the awarding winning teachers and students to visit the production site of Baosteel Ltd. Baoshan Base, so as to make them experience in person “How the steel is made”.

Source:Baowu News Centre