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[ 2017-11-08 ]

Recently the 28th meeting of ISO Technical Committees Methods of determination of chemical composition (ISO/TC17/SC1) was held. During the meeting, the representatives from the 5 countries attending the meeting unanimously agreed to set up the working group with Baosteel Ltd. as the project convener to carry out international common tests, and redefine the limit of detection and accuracy of analytical method, which is also the first international standard project for Baosteel Ltd. to take responsibility as the convener in the field of chemical analysis technology for steel.

The representatives made in-depth discussions on 4 research projects, 4 working group projects, 7 standard revision proposals and 1 new project proposal. Miao Lede from Baosteel Ltd. Central Research Institute put forward the technical revision report on ISO4943 “Flame atomic absorption spectroscopy method for determination of steel and iron copper content”, suggested the technical revision of ISO4943, and re-organization of the inter-lab common test of this international standard, to define the new limit of detection and accuracy requirements, and put forward the common test scheme. This technical revision report is unanimously affirmed by the representatives.

For many years, the Central Research Institute is committed to the formulation and revision of national and international technical standards related to iron & steel materials. The labs have actively taken part in the formulation and revision of the international standards including ISO/TC17/SC1 (chemical analysis for steel), ISO/TC33 (chemical analysis for refractory materials), ISO/TC102/SC2 (chemical analysis for iron ore), ISO/TC164 (mechanical test for metal materials), ISO/TC201 (surface chemical analysis) and the national standards of domestic counterpart standardization technical committees. In 5 years, the institute has chaired the formulation of 6 national standards and participated in the revision of 5 international standards.

Source:Baowu News Centre