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[ 2017-09-18 ]

Recently Ouyeel held the launch event of intelligent broadcast platform for staple commodities. Ouyeel has become the first enterprise to introduce the B2C live broadcast concept into the supervision platform of B2B total process business management & control in the field of staple commodities in China.

The off-line supervision capability of Ouyeel is the key to construct the infrastructure of credit system for staple commodities. The on-line of intelligent broadcast platform will greatly cut down the supervision cost, improve the supervision efficiency, and greatly enhance Ouyeel’s comprehensive risk control capability through the multi-dimensional verification of information system, real-time image and business flow tracking.

In the launch ceremony, the guests sufficiently felt the convenience and intelligence of intelligent broadcast platform for staple commodities through the rehearsal of 4 scenarios: fixed time live broadcast·multi-warehouse fixed time and fixed route live broadcast, on-demand broadcast·live broadcast of finding the goods, the process live broadcast of live broadcast supervision·supervision operation, intelligent live broadcast·SAAS interactive verification of big data and intelligent broadcast platform.

As the first angel customer of intelligent broadcast platform, Chen Sheng, the field manager of Ouyeel Logistics’s Business Operation Department said, he has truly felt the convenience of this product, and put the intelligent broadcast into the patrol of field centralized control of northern area for the first time on September 1, and believed that the intelligent broadcast platform will help the warehouse to realize cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

Source:Baowu News Centre