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[ 2017-09-18 ]

In the recently held 3rd China Solar Thermal Electricity Conference 2017, Baosteel Special Steel was invited to make a featured speech on “R&D progress of nickel base alloy products for key equipment of solar thermal power”, and received attention from the representative present at the meeting.

The conference was jointly sponsored by China National Solar Thermal Alliance, China Renewable Energy Society, China Society of Engineering Thermophysics, China Society for Electrical Engineering. The conference took “Promoting the industrial development of CSP with science and technology” as the theme, and made 51 oral reports on in-depth technologies and dialog on two theme by centering on the design and engineering practice of CSP system, and use of solar thermal energy, etc.

During the conference, chief researcher of Baosteel Special Steel Technology Center Ma Tianjun made a featured report, introducing in details the application of Baosteel Special Steel’s nickel base alloy, which provided the attending representatives with much clearer understanding about the application of domestic nickel base alloy in the key equipment of CSP, and received extensive attention.

Source:Baowu News Centre