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[ 2017-09-06 ]

Since the official start one year ago, the first batch project of national “13th 5-year” key R&D plan “Special item of key basic material technology improvement and industrialization focus”——”Development and application of high efficiency, low loss and special purpose silicon steel” headed by Baosteel Ltd. has made encouraging progress under the concerted efforts of the units participating in the R&D such as Baosteel Ltd., Northeastern University, Tianwei Baobian, State Grid Smart Grid Research Institute, Wubian, Zhongshan Broad Ocean Motor, Dongfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., the first annual plan target is completed and a part of the next year’s work is completed ahead of schedule. A batch of advanced silicon steel manufacturing technologies including design of grain-oriented silicon steel inhibitor system, texture adjustment of non grain-oriented silicon steel, etc. have achieved breakthrough, 4 products, i.e. extreme low iron loss and ultra-high magnetic induction grain-oriented silicon steel, low anisotropy non grain-oriented silicon steel, etc. have realized development and manufacture in batches, 9 invention patents have been declared.

Silicon steel, the key material for upgrading and updating of electrical and electronic equipment, is called crown jewel of steel, and is the variety of highly complicated technology, extremely difficult production, highest equipment condition and management requirements. For many years, there exists gap of generations between China’s silicon steel manufacturing technology and that of foreign countries, which becomes one of the important factors restricting the development of power and mechanical and electronic industry.

To realize “Made in China 2025” to make China stronger, last year, Hi-tech Center of National ministry of Science and Technology launched the first batch of “Special item of key basic material technology improvement and industrialization focus”. In July 2016, headed by Baosteel Ltd., many backbone enterprises and research institutes in relevant industries including Central Iron & Steel Research Institute, China Three Gorges Corporation, etc. formed the production, learning, research and application team,jointly declared and finally undertook the project of “Development and application of high efficiency, low loss and special purpose silicon steel”, the R&D cycle is 4 years.

After the official start of this project, under the elaborate coordination of Baosteel Ltd., the production, learning, research and application team strictly follows the national stipulations about project and fund management, implements legal person responsibility system for project management; with project task sheet as the coupling, break through the industrial barrier, consolidate the advantageous resources of the entire industry chain, carry out general planning and integrated implementation, pay attention to the cross-industry, cross-field R&D synergy. After one year’s R&D efforts, in respect of fundamental research of silicon steel, the project team set up the life cycle behavior model of inhibitor under segregation intervention and quantitative model of interface segregation under complicated mass transfer; in respect of R&D of key generic technology, many critical technologies such as Design and structure & texture optimization of GO silicon steel inhibitor, Texture regulation of favorite side of NGO are broken through; in respect of product technology and demonstrative application, over 10 technology innovation for total process texture and organization control of silicon steel are formed, 4 new products, i.e. 0.20mm specification 070 grade and 0.23 mm specification 075 grade extreme low iron loss GO silicon steel, 0.23 mm specification 080 grade high magnetic induction GO silicons steel, 0.50 mm specification 250 grade low anisotropy NGO silicon steel, etc. are researched and manufactured in batches, their performance indices and actual quality have reached the international leading level of the same type of products at present.

In the annual meeting of national key R&D plan project-“Development and application of high efficiency, low loss and special purpose silicon steel” held recently, the relevant principals of Hi-tech Center of National ministry of Science and Technology and the specialists of specialist panel attending the meeting highly affirmed the practical and efficient R&D system of the R&D units led by Baosteel Ltd. and the gratifying progress achieved, and provided pertinent guidance to the subsequent R&D work. In the next stage, the project team will earnestly implement “Interim procedures of special management of national key R&D plan” and “Fund management method of national key R&D plan”, strengthen the entire industry chain synergy and integrated implementation from foundations and frontiers, key generic critical technology to R&D of application demonstration, put efforts on the promotion of conversion from two categories of theoretical research achievements of advanced silicon steel manufacturing technology to key generic critical technologies, the conversion from laboratory R&D of 4 serial products to mass production, striving to realize the world debut and batch research and manufacturing of a part of the products.

Source:Baowu News Centre