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[ 2017-07-25 ]

On July 18th, the project team of "Research on enterprise sustainable development index" which is jointly initiated by China Sustainable Development and Industry & Commerce Council and China Enterprise Confederation visited Baowu Group for investigation and survey, so as to understand sustainable development strategy planning and experience of Baowu Group, to further improve the scientificity, operability and applicability of the sustainable development index system.

"Research on enterprise sustainable development index" project aims to explore and establish a set of index and evaluation system which is adaptable to China's actual condition and geared to international standards, to provide the enterprise with scientific, feasible and universal testing tools for sustainable development, so as to guide enterprises to improve their capability for sustainable development and promote sustainable and sound development of Chinese enterprises. Project research team consists of professors, enterprise experts and researchers from  China Sustainable Development and Industry & Commerce Council, China Enterprise Confederation, School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University, University of International Business and Economics, Sinopec and Baowu Group, etc.

On the research council, Wang Jiming-Chairman of China Sustainable Development and Industry & Commerce Council, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and research group leader introduced the project situation. He expressed that Baowu Group has an irreplaceable position and influence in the steel industry of China, and accumulated a wealth of experience in the enterprise sustainable development work. The research team hopes to further verify scientificity and feasibility of enterprise sustainable development index system through communication with Baowu Group, so as to constantly improve the index system.

Zhang Jingang-deputy general manager of Baowu Group introduced the the overall situation of Baowu Group for the research group. He hoped that the research group can give more comments and suggestions for sustainable development of Baowu Group. The two sides communicated candidly and together strive to explore to establish a set of more scientific enterprise sustainable development index and evaluation system. Wang Jianyue-general manager assistant introduced sustainable development situation of Baowu Group respectively in respect of the sustainable promotion of environmental management idea and the active implementation of corporate social responsibility.

On the meeting, the research group and related department of Baowu Group carried out an in-depth discussion in respect of improvement of the environment, improvement of resource utilization efficiency, implementation of relevant policies for the sustainable development of the country, fulfillment of corporate social responsibility, improvement of the management and operation ability of the enterprise and strengthening of supply chain management involved by sustainable development indicators system.

After the meeting, the research group also visited some production sites, including Baosteel raw material wharf, raw material shack, energy center and demonstration project of golden solar photovoltaic power generation, etc.

Source:Baowu News Centre