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[ 2017-08-05 ]

The 10th “JinBei Award” sponsored by "21st Century Economic Report" was in the recently announced, Hawbao Trust won the "2017 outstanding trust company."

"JinBei Award" began in 2008, evaluating from multi-dimensional aspects including company's profitability, innovation ability, risk control ability, team quality, market recognition, social responsibility, as one of the critical selection in the asset management industry.

Last year, in the context of the slowdown in the real economy and the transformation of the trust industry, Hwabao Trust adapted to the development trend of the industry, choosing specialization and differentiation as the basic strategy, developing in the direction of trustee and asset management business model as a development direction, continuing to promote business transformation steadily, focusing on risk control, improving the active management.

Source:Baowu News Centre