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[ 2017-08-05 ]

Recently, the overseas technology show for Baosteel automobile sheet was the first time entering into India, showing Baosteel strong technical strength on automobile sheet, deepening communication with customers, expanding Baosteel brand awareness in the Indian market and even the international market, laying the foundation for building Baosteel automobile sheet to a world-class brand .

India's auto and auto parts companies have always been the important customer of Baosteel, during 2011 to 2016, the supply amount by Baosteel to India increased steadily, and built a cutting processing center in India, able to provide customers professional supply chain logistics solutions, such as accurate delivery and "door to door" service model.

Since 2014, Baosteel held overseas technology show in Italy, the United States, South Korea and other places, comprehensively displaying the enterprise international image and the world's advanced technical solutions in three-dimensions.

On the technology show in India, Baosteel introduced the EVI technology, ultra-high strength steel, BCB BIW and other Baosteel products and services by speech presentation, exhibition presentation, multimedia interaction and other forms to the guests. The world's leading car companies such as Fiat Leslie car, Force Motors, VE Commercial Vehicle Company, Ford India and other customers were invited to share their information in the automobile sheet lightweight, materials and Baosteel automobile sheet application, and the quality and variety of Baosteel automobile sheet are highly praised by various users. After technology show, many customers showed their strong interests on high-strength steel automobile sheet, automotive lightweight, new technology research and development and other contents, taking the initiative communication with Baosteel experts.

Baosteel vice general manager Wang Jing said that Baosteel is China leading steel enterprise, and the automobile sheet is Baosteel strategic product, we hoped that this technical exchange will build a communication platform for more overseas customers and establish long-term stable strategic cooperative relations.

Source:Baowu News Centre