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[ 2017-08-03 ]

Recently, MIIT issued the "the notice of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on  2017 manufacturing industry and Internet integrative development pilot demonstration project", after the recommendation by all the organization units, expert review, online publicity and other assessment links, 70 projects are determined as manufacturing industry and Internet integrative development pilot demonstration project. Ouyeel comprehensive business platform is among the list. In this review, there are Ouyeel, Kuming steel, XIN YE GANG, ZGW, Zhaogang net and SNTON steel cord six companies in the steel industry selected.

Ouyeel comprehensive business platform covers all the participants in the steel industry, including steel trading, logistics and transportation, steel processing, financial services, technical services and information services, able to provide diversified business models and service products for customers, to provide a solid technical support for Ouyeel " to building dynamic bulk commodity sharing service ecosystem "vision . At the beginning of May this year, with the online of Ouyeel business platform reconstruction project, the basic work of Ouyeel business platform reconstruction basically complete, spot transactions, Ouyeel finance, Ouyeel information,  production capacity presell and other products have been operating on-line, Ouyeel express and purchase, Ouyeel processing, Ouyeel steel information and other products are being designed and developed in the process, will also be on-line in succession. At present, Ouyeel business comprehensive platform daily average transaction number are more than 1,000, of which the daily newly added users number are more than 30, the daily average trading volumeare more than 60,000 tons.

Source:Baowu News Centre