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[ 2017-08-03 ]

On July 26th, the first meeting of the first council of Central Research Institute of Baosteel (Technical center) was held. More than 40 people attended the meeting, including Chen Derong-general manager and deputy secretary of party committee of Baowu Group, Dai Zhihao-secretary of the party committee and chairman of the board of Baosteel, Chu Shuangjie-deputy general manager (managing) of Baosteel, representatives from council units such as Baoshan Base and Wuhan Iron & Steel, etc., individual directors of the first council and member representatives of the academic committee, etc., Zhanjiang Iron & Steel and Meishan Steel attended the meeting in video way. Dai Zhihao and technical business experts of Group Company, Zhang Pijun-the technical adviser of Baosteel respectively held the post of president of the first council of Central Research Institute of Baosteel (Technical center) and chairman of academic council, Dai Zhihao issued the letter of appointment for the individual directors of the new council and members of academic committee.

In recent 3 years, through the efforts of all r&d personnel, Central Research Institute has comprehensively completed the objectives and indicators for the strategic development of various operating entities and group companies. Sales of new test products, unique new test product ratio and cost reduction efficiency through technologies all have obvious progress. The first round of trial production of new products of 251 grades have succeeded, new products of 232 grades have turned to industrial production, trial production of new products has reached 2.56 million tons, the product of first release also shows a rapid emergence pattern, the second round of "Golden Apple" was ended excellently, more than 800 million yuan benefits of science and technology have been created, 14 items of first release were realized, a batch of landmark technologies have been developed successfully. In the next phase, the Central Research Institute will continue to deepen the reforming measures in respect of the talent highland, capable organization, efficient operation and layout in the future, etc., vigorously promote "one institute with multiple centers" construction, deepen "one institute to one institute to one plant" R&D business collaboration operation mode, service multi-manufacturing base of Baosteel; build an excellent talent gathering platform, construct talent highland; deepen team building in the technical field, develop and arrange the future, realize technology leading. Representatives participating in the conference carefully reviewed the work report of Central Research Institute, and offered advice and suggestions for continuous promotion of technical innovation, R&D team construction and insistence of technology leading strategy, etc.

Chen Derong expressed his sincere thanks to the last council for tis positive contribution in respect of group technology leading and innovation development, etc., and expressed warm congratulations for official establishment of the first council and academic committee of Central Research Institute (Technical Center) of Baosteel. Chen Derong said that the technological innovation is an important part of enterprise core competence, years of practice of Baosteel proved that implementation of president responsibility system under the leadership of the council has strong advantages in grasping the leading direction of technology, strengthening connection between R&D and site, improving R&D operation efficiency, etc. Joint and reorganization of Baowu has expanded the space for the future development of the Central Research Institute. He hoped that the first council of the Central Research Institute (Technical Center) of Baosteel will continue to increase institutional innovation in research and development mechanisms, with the goal of accelerating to become the leader of steel technology, grasp the direction of major and forward-looking technologies, inspire the passion of R&D team for innovation and efficiency improvement, develop advantages in new technologies, new materials and other fields while doing a good job in technology leading, integration and improvement of steel business, take the initiative to close to and provide good service for development of related industries of the Group, effectively support the implementation of the new round of development strategy of the Group.

Dai Zhihao said that through the continuous efforts of successive councils, the Central Research Institute has gathered an excellent R&D team, which has laid a good foundation for Baosteel to constantly deepen the accumulation in the steel technology field and change from following to leading step by step. The Central Research Institute (Technical Center) of Baosteel will actively implement the institutional reform of the state and Group to deepen mechanisms, vigorously promote related spirit of technological innovation, promote technological innovation around market demand and user demand, play an active role in deepening the smart smart manufacturing and the construction of urban steel mills, etc. Dai Zhihao expressed that under the strong leadership and strong support from the Group company, relying on collective intelligence and efforts of all researchers, with the goal of accelerating to become the industry leader, the new council will transform the pressure into motivation, constantly deepen the management reform, improve R&D efficiency, and take advantage of the platform and technologies, spare no effort to serve the development of related industries of the Group.

Source:Baowu News Centre