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[ 2017-07-28 ]

Recently, Baosteel Technology under Baosteel Engineering independently developed the first set of roll oil compensating robot in the world and put it into use in Baoshan Iron & Steel. The reporter saw in 1580 roll grinding workshop of Hot Rolling Mill of Baoshan Iron & Steel that the worker just simply presses the start button, and the roll oil compensating operation is completed by the robot.

The robot is playing an increasingly important role in the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry. In the Hot Rolling Mill of Baosteel, the roll for rolling high specification plates will be transported to the roll grinding workshop for oiling for every two hours to extend the service life of the roll. Before, oil filling depends on manual operation, whole-day oil compensating wastes time and energy, at the same time, there are problems such as inaccuracy and unquantification of oil filling, the phenomenon of "leakage" is inevitable. In order to better support improvement of the core competitiveness of the steel industry, Baosteel Technology actively joined construction of the automatic roll grinding workshop of Baoshan Iron & Steel.

Self-help oil compensating robot of 1580 roll grinding workshop of Hot Rolling Mill mainly uses visual capture technology and radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, which optimized the design of two boxes of three oil products for oil pumping mode, integration of oil pumping and coating is realized through double-side, quantification and positioning of work station; Improved the site tooling and realized the accurate positioning of roll; conducted effective practice and exploration for the realization of information data Internet management of roll grinding workshop in the future by the technology of wired and wireless communication. Use of the roll oil compensating robot not only improved the efficiency of labor and operation, reduced the cost of grease and bearing burnt loss, also put an end to hidden dangers of oil compensating work, greatly improved the overall environment level of the roll grinding workshop.

The project of oil compensating robot provided best practices for Baosteel Technology transformation equipment full life cycle service provider and full support for intelligent manufacturing of the main steel business, and laid a foundation for the trend of pan-industrialized service of the equipment intelligent service system which takes serving the main steel business as the starting point and building a system solution as the core.

Source:Baowu News Centre