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[ 2017-07-21 ]

Recently, Baowu Group Environmental Resources Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter as Baowu Environmental Technology) and Shanghai Building Material (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter as Shanghai Building Material) signed strategic cooperation framework agreement. Both parties will drive technological cooperation and business development based on respective strengths in metallurgical solid waste utilization and new building materials, and seek in-depth cooperation in the business fields such as disposal of hazardous waste, disposal of urban solid waste, development of ore rock wool thermal insulation material, etc,

Assistant president of Baowu Group and general manager of Service Industry Development Center Hu Yuliang, executive director, Party secretary and president of Baowu Environmental Technology Lu Rong, and President of Shanghai Building Material Zhao Jian, etc. attended the signing ceremony.

Baowu Environmental Technology is mainly engaged in recycling of metallurgical solid waste, technical consultation of environmental protection, ecological rehabilitation of polluted land, environmental protection technology and equipment integration, etc., which vows to build the third party professional platform of environmental pollution control in industrial fields and urban fields with the comprehensive utilization of solid waste resources and environmental protection of Baowu Group as the basis.

Affiliated to Shanghai Land (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Building Material is a large-scaled green building material industrial group integrating design and R&D, production & manufacturing, engineering application and service.

With this signing, both parties will first choose to cooperate in the project of Comprehensive utilization & revamping of Baosteel Ltd. lime kiln resources, formulate the revamping scheme, investigate the boundary conditions of the project and drive the project establishment and aprpoval together through organization of teams. In the next step, both parties will carry out extensive cooperation in the production and operation of incinerating hazardous wastes in the incinerator, optimization revamping of incinerator, R&D of ore rock wool products, optimization of production process and market development, etc.


Source:Baowu News Centre