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[ 2017-07-19 ]

On July 11, Baosteel Ltd. and Jiangling Motors Group officially signed “Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Baosteel Ltd. — Jiangling Motors Group”, both parties will further strengthen the depth and breadth of cooperation, and join hands to build the strategic cooperation relationship for a reciprocal, win-win and most competitive industry chain. Party secretary and president of Baosteel Ltd. Dai Zhihao, Party secretary of Jiangling Motors Group Jiang Linsheng attended the signing ceremony. Vice president of Baosteel Ltd. Wang Jing, and vice president of Jiangling Motors Group Zhu Yi signed the agreement on behalf of both parties.

Jiangling Motors Group is the automobile full vehicle export base and one of the largest exporters of light diesel commercial vehicles in China, ranking No. 120 among the top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises and No. 249 among top 500 Chinese enterprises in 2016. Its sales of commercial vehicles ranks No.4 in China right now, and it is transforming towards the simultaneous development of both commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles.

Baosteel Ltd. and Jiangling Motors Group have favorable cooperative relationship. In recent years, Baosteel Ltd.’s automotive sheets keep strengthening the construction of QCDDS capability, and provide packaged solutions to the users. In traditional field, both parties made close cooperations in supply of automotive steel, R&D and application of new materials, new process and new technologies, consolidation and development of industry chain. In the emerging field, Baosteel Ltd. and Jiangling Motors Group strengthen EVI technological cooperation, made contributions in light-weight of automobiles and cost reduction by means of technologies, which are highly recognized by Jiangling Motors Group, who conferred the prize of best suppliers on Baosteel Ltd. for many times.

In the signing ceremony, Jiang Linsheng introduced profile of Jiangling Motors Group, analyzed the trend of automobile new energy technology, intelligent network connection and lightweight, etc. He said, the development of Jiangling Motors Group can not do without the full support of Baosteel Ltd., in particular, the establishment of Baowu Group is bound to support the follow-up development of Jiangling Motors Group more powerfully. The advantages of Baosteel Ltd. in management, technology and market development are worthy of learning to Jiangling Motors Group, we wish to walk farther and faster with joined hands in the long-term reciprocal and win-win cooperation.

Dai Zhihao introduced the production of Baosteel Ltd., analyzed the market and development trend of steel industry. He said, the super-industry speed of Jiangling Motors Group is worthy of learning by Baosteel Ltd. Looking into the future, we wish that both parties can carry out in-depth cooperation in multiple fields such as automobile lightweight, improve the market competitiveness jointly, and build the strategic cooperation relationship for a reciprocal, win-win and most competitive industry chain.

Source:Baowu News Centre