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[ 2017-07-19 ]

After 2050 line becomes the first hot strip mill producing asymmetric compound sheets in the world through independent brainstorming, breakthrough progress is achieved again in the production process of compound coil sheet: Baosteel Ltd. Has achieved stable production capacity of single-sided compound coil sheet in batches, more than 1000t was rolled in June. This not only effectively improves the comprehensive competitiveness of hot-rolled compound coil sheet, but symbolizes that Baosteel Ltd.s hot strip mill process keeps making breakthrough and innovation, and reaches the world leading level.

The single-sided stainless steel compound coil sheets are mainly used in construction mold base and water pipeline. Now the common production method in China features complicated process, high production cost, low production efficiency and low yield. As a key job of hot rolling Gold Apple project, there is no precedent of production of hot-rolled compound coil sheets to follow at home and abroad. Baosteel Ltd. Hot Rolling Plant coordinated with the Research Institute, Heavy Plate Department, Hot-rolled Sheet Sales Department and Manufacturing Department developed the direct hot rolling process route for double-sided asymmetric compound sheet after many times of tests and brainstorming. Thereafter, the team kept adjusting various process parameters, overcame many difficulties in process and quality, formed the complete set of manufacturing technologies, and created the precedent of producing stainless steel and plain carbon steel double-sided asymmetric compound sheet in hot strip mill in the world.

Since this year, the market demand for single-sided stainless steel compound coil sheet has been increasing gradually. On the basis of a large amount of performance indexes and process parameters accumulated previously, the production-sales-research team gradually increased the output, kept adjusting and improving various production process parameters during the practice, and improving the yield of compound sheets. By June this year, 2050 line realized the breakthrough of largest rolling amount in single batch and rolling over 1000t in single month, and the yield has reached the best level in history, the stable production of single-side compound sheets in batches has been realized.


Source:Baowu News Centre