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[ 2017-05-10 ]

A few days ago, the ultra-wide super-thick large piece weight steel plate developed by Baosteel Ltd. was successfully applied in the newly built national engineering project——high-speed railway impact test bed, used for force measuring wall mounting stand, to withstand the extreme impact of power car during the impact test. This is the first successful supply of the steel plate with a width of 4220mm, a thickness of 220mm and a piece weight of over 38t by domestic steel producer. Last year, Baosteel Ltd. received the sourcing call by the user, a certain national lab construction project needs a piece of ultra-wide super-thick large piece weight steel plate. Compared with ordinary thick plate, the large piece weight steel plate with a width of 4220mm and a thickness of 220mm is challenging the limitation of thick plate manufacturing capability.

Although the product specification reaches the limitation of equipment, and there is no precedent of production for Baosteel to follow, but after comprehensive evaluation of its own capability, Baosteel Ltd. still determinedly undertook this contract. The thick plate production, sales and research team organized many rounds of process review by specialists, to optimize the original production process. In view of the users’ demands, the brainstorming team formulated a complete set of production solutions from smelting, rolling, cooling to flaw detection of finished products, etc. Through the efforts made by the teams, Baosteel Ltd. completed the supply within the 1 month delivery time required by the user. Now the processing and installation of the product have been completed at the user’s site, which exceeds the user’s expectation and is affirmed by the users.

Source:Baowu News Centre