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[ 2017-05-17 ]

Recently the 116th Concours Lepinen dropped the curtain, Baowu Group’s delegation made a splendid appearance with 11 invention projects of post-based innovation by the front-line employees, achieving the excellent performance of 2 gold, 5 silver and 3 bronze medals, among which, the proportion of gold medal accounts for 50% of Chinese delegations.

Concours Lepinen, a comprehensive invention exhibition sponsored by Association of French Inventors and Manufacturers, is the international invention exhibition with the longest history. This time the Chinese delegations brought 39 projects to participate in the exhibition, focusing on solving the practical problems in production and life, and emphasis on energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection are the common characteristics of these projects.

The 11 projects selected by Baowu Group for the exhibition involves many fields such as improvement of production process on site, automation management during the production, safe production, energy conservation and environmental protection, etc. Among which, “The technology and equipment for precision welding of ultra-high strength thin strips produced by continuous production of high speed cold tandem mill” by Baosteel Ltd. Cold Rolling Plant’s chief inspector Chen Jie, “Environmental noise reduction practice and intelligentization exploration of pressure stabilization technologies in swash-plate axial piston pump” by Baosteel Ltd. Hot Rolling Plant’s skill specialist Wang Jun won the gold award. Meanwhile, the highest prize in Concours Lepinen--- Grand Award of Lepinen Invention Award was conferred on Wang Jun , who becomes the second Chinese winning this special honor.

“Key technology and application of continuous cold bending and induction welding of thick wall section steel” by WISCO Group Jiangbei Group Cold-formed Section Steel Company’s Sheng Zhenjian, “A kind of cushioning balance device for transverse shear” by WISCO Ltd. Silicon Steel Business Unit’s Sun Yunfei, “A kind of insulator for trolley conductor” by Meishan Steel Iron-making Plant’s Ji Yilong, “Safe type terminal row with the function of electrification warning” by Baosteel Engineering Baosteel Technology’s Chao Pingyuan, “Comprehensive technology of on-line safety monitoring of firefighting equipment” by Baosteel Development Yuankang Property Management’s Xu Huihua won the silver awards. “DX-Any comprehensive communication system” by WISCO Engineering Technology Group Communication Company’s Li Xueqiang, “Argon blowing integration system for continuous casting mould” by Baosteel Ltd. Steel-making Plant’s Yang Jianhua, and “WSA wet method acid making process revamping technology integration” by Shaoguan Steel Iron-making Plant’s Yang Tao won the bronze awards.

Source:Baowu News Centre