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[ 2017-05-22 ]

Last year, Hwabao Security launched Hwabao Intelligent Investment APP, spreading the intelligent trading services to the individual investors, helping them to invest rationally. It is the first APP that dedicated to solving stock exchange difficulties for individual investors. The software is equipped with the function of intelligent conditional order, and the user only needs to set up the stock trading strategy according to the conditional order in advance, the system will carry out the real-time staring at the Cloud, and places the order when the condition is triggered. Since the trial operation from the second half of last year, the intelligent conditional order has been triggered for over 200,000 times, with entrusted transaction amount over 3 billion yuan.

Different from the currently popular intelligent investment adviser, Hwabao Intelligent Investment does not focus on single stock or portfolio recommendation, neither does it help the investor to make investment decision, it makes efforts in transaction links, and highlights values in functions as a tool.  Under the pre-condition of investors’ own decision, it helps them to realize stock transaction with higher discipline and efficiency, so as to grasp transaction opportunities in the unpredictable market. One survey shows that, there are two difficulties for most of the individual investors: one is that they don’t have enough time to stare at the market; the other is that their investment strategy can not be effectively implemented. With the above mentioned functions, these difficulties could be better overcome, so as to make the investment more efficient.

 It is said that the current Intelligent Conditional Order has covered 10 new functions from stop profit & stop loss, price condition, partial position, partial clearing, turning point to buy, back to sell, grid transaction, time condition, price limit condition, intelligent stagging. Recently, the national debt reverse repo is added to meet the common transaction strategy of the stock investors.

Source:Baowu News Centre